Restoring your car battery acid is not as complicated as it may sound. If you check your battery’s condition and decide it is necessary to restore the acid that somehow got lost, do not be afraid, you do not need a chemistry diploma. The instructions are clear and everyone can follow them easily.

First, be sure you wear safety gloves as well as glasses. Turn the ignition off, take away the battery from its cables, and choose a well-ventilated place to work on it. The batteries come in different types. If yours is a serviceable one, take away the plastic cell caps. If it is sealed, use a drill to open each cell. Plug the resulting holes with caps you can come across at any hardware store.

Once the battery is thus prepared, warm a quart of purified water in your microwave oven at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit and mix in 10-table spoon of Epsom salts. Then pour this solution through the holes in the battery, filling up to the marked stages on the battery.

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The last step you have to take is to charge the battery overnight. It is best to use a three-step regulated charger you can plug into a wall socket instead of your car’s alternator, which only works well if the battery is profoundly discharged. All you have to do now is to reconnect your car battery to the cables under the hood, make sure everything is in its proper place and enjoy your ride.