At some point, you will have to unhook your car’s battery. For Whatever reason you would want to unhook the battery, you must ensure that you unhook the battery the proper way. To ensure that you unhook the battery the safer way, you need to follow the following steps:

1. To remove the side terminals, turn off the ignition and permanently remove the keys to ensure that no one turns on the car while you are working.

2. Using a wrench, loosen the negative battery cable. You should then unbolt the cable and place it on the side of the battery.

3.  Using the wrench, remove the retaining bolt from the positive battery cable. Completely remove the cable from the battery and tuck it under something. This will prevent the cable from bouncing back into the previous position. After removing the retaining bolt, the cable should easily come out.

To differentiate the negative and positive terminal, you should always remember that the positive terminal always has a red tape while the negative terminal has a black tape.

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4. To remove the top post, use the wrench to loosen the retaining bolt on the negative cable. Since the bolt might slide, hold the bolt head with one wrench while turning the nut with another.

5.  After the cable is loose, pull the cable away from the battery. While pulling, ensure that you do not twist the cable. This is because twisting the cable will damage it. The safe way to pull the cable is to use needle-nose pliers or a screwdriver.

6.  Finally, using a wrench, loosen the positive cable and remove it using the same method that was used in removing the negative cable. When the cable comes off, anchor it away from the battery. This is to ensure that the cable meets the positive post of the battery.