Taking proper care of the car battery can ensure you a long time driving your car safely without the help of a specialized mechanic. Modern technology has made it possible for everyone to be able to charge the car battery. Unlike older batteries with removal caps that could leak to cause explosions, the modern maintenance-free ones are safe. This is because the electrolyte is closed inside. Maintenance-free batteries last for many years if they are used economically and ecologically, but they may need charging from time to time.

Charging the battery is easy and safe if you follow these instructions. After locating the battery, turn the battery charger off. Next, you need to disconnect the source of the power to the charger. Connect the red/positive charger cable by opening the jaws with your hand to the positive (+) terminal of the battery. Now you need to do is to release the clip after placing the open jaws. This will help join tightly to the terminal.

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Then connect the black/negative charger cable to the car’s heavy gauge metal casing. Try to do it as far away as possible from the battery. It is also advisable try to face away during this operation.

Adjust the charger voltage to match your vehicle (6 – 12 volts), set the charger on “automatic charging,” and plug it into an electrical outlet. Charging lasts until the charger shuts itself off, showing the process is complete.

When removing the charger, take the negative/black cable first and then the red/positive one by clutching the alligator clip. Your battery is ready to be used. These maintenance-free batteries are easy to charge when you cannot afford to lose time and money with servicing. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and be ecologically friendly.