Autocraft battery delivers up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid systems because of its power frame positive grid technology. It therefore has a superior starting power over your car battery’s life.

The possibility of premature battery failure is eliminated by the remarkable positive grid technology and this gives a practical surety of a durable battery. Its design makes it to resist corrosion by about 66% better than the other grid technologies.

The AutoCraft Silver battery has maintenance free design for easy use. There is no need to keep checking the water level. This car battery replacement is outstanding capable of delivering reserve capacity and cold cranking amps.

You don’t need to worry about the environment because the manufacturing process it uses consumes 20% less energy and about 20% fewer green house gas emissions is released compared to traditional methods.

Autocraft battery reviews

A new battery was required for a pick up truck. My store was ready to provide all the available needed to make an amperage decision and best cost possible. Delivery was faster with correct fit and the battery had enough power required to start the truck all times. I’m very happy with the whole transactions.

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I picked AutoCraft battery for my 10 year old truck because of its high starting amps and also being a mid grade battery, it was cheaper. I’m very sure it will outlive the truck. Good news! Installation was free. The duty of installing the battery carrier in my truck was a bit challenging because it was corroded but I’m happy the AA person did it without complaints. This saved me a great deal.

This battery has no problem in starting cars with everything being electric even in cases where the doors are left open and radio playing for a long time. It will just start with much ease. We didn’t have any problem putting the battery in. It was very simple and easy therefore, I would recommend it to everyone who wants the whole family to use it and have ease in starting it all times. Get a great product with quality services from the store.

It was very difficult for me to find the right replacement battery at major retail shops. Thank God for your website, I was able to do my shopping because it was easy to follow, I enjoyed free shipping, generous discount and free installation. I managed to get the right replacement battery. The price of the battery is fair and I am happy with the way it works. At Advanced Auto the price is very competitive and I’ll make sure I check the prices before making purchases of auto supplies.

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