I bought this as storage within my photo voltaic energy sections. I have 85 w total which battery props up charge well.

I have had some these Optima D31A’s inside my old 7.3 Powerstroke for 4 years now and haven’t had any problems. Even when your glow plugs weren’t working last winter plus it needed lots of embracing begin. When you’re prepared to affect the batteries inside my 6. I’m going to be getting another group of these with this. They are well worth the cost and may overcome any lead acidity battery available.

I have tried personally the d31 blue top for just about any very very long time now and observed the price round the yellow top dropped. Optima states nowhere is ideal for deep cycle trolling motor use while yellow is ideal for deep cycle and beginning use – however have it on good authority from optima the d31m marine battery is similar inside both blue and yellow tops, if the yellow are less expensive today, I’ll get it rather!

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I’m applying this battery within my pv generator.it props up charge very easily and works well with 12 several hours prior to the next pv charge.the price is great in comparison to other batteries from the type.

My battery turned up in the reasonable time period, well packed, too as with very good condition. It’s labored well personally. I’d recommend it to anybody.

Hands lower the most effective deep cycle 12V battery around. I have several that we use for emergency backup energy inside my home, together with small portable pv screens and inverters within my AC hookups. Whenever I travel inside my vehicle I take one of these brilliant batteries, portable photo voltaic energy sections and inverter with me at night just just just in case of the requirement of emergency energy on the road. It’s also part of my vehicle’s emergency bug out items.

Great batteries! I take advantage of these in the commercial truck as well as the starter cranks faster then before. Extended existence while using hotel load in the truck. I take advantage of a C-Pap which i had been requiring to awaken and start your truck in the heart of the night, although any longer. I get 12+ several hours without getting requiring to begin the engine.

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I transformed my standard truck battery. Did less than realize what size it absolutely was though some minor changes I’m glad that we made a decision to get this to purchase and i’ll undoubtedly not have access to energy difficulties with my truck again.