The Benchmark for All Start-Stop Vehicles

The VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM stands for unparalleled performance: with 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries, the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM is the perfect choice for vehicles with the highest energy demands. This can be due to heavier usage, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories and equipment. That is why you´ll find a VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM in 80% of newly manufactured cars with start-stop technology powered by AGM batteries.

Unparalleled Performance for Start-Stop Systems

  • 3 times the cycle life compared to conventional VARTA batteries
  • Highest cold cranking amperes (CCA) enables engine starts even in extreme climates while keeping comfort and safety features functioning
  • Available in 5 models of varying capacity, CCA and size
  • Recyclable and produced in an energy-saving way


  • Varta Silver AGM
    By choosing the Varta Silver Dynamic AGM battery at the heart of the most advanced technology, you get an exceptionally high-quality battery that can meet the energy requirements of the most demanding cars, and also has three times the life cycle in comparison with a conventional battery. The starter battery Varta Silver Dynamic AGM is also ideal for advanced Start-Stop systems. Also, the Varta Silver Dinamic AGM battery can be used for water transport of motor boats, boats, etc.

Battery Series:

“Silver Dynamic AGM”

The battery capacity of this series varies between 70 and 95 ampere hours.

Brand: Varta


Accumulators VARTA AGM series are made on the basis of the same technology, involving the use of bound, non-flowing electrolyte and glass fiber absorbent elements. Such batteries are maintenance-free, with a relatively small mass, they have good capacitive characteristics. However, the main feature of VARTA AGM battery is its increased resistance to cyclic discharges and charges, which is increased by almost 200% or three times compared to conventional batteries.

In addition, the use of absorbent fiber makes it possible to achieve significant resistance to vibrations. An additional bonus for the buyer can be a quarter-increased scrolling current, which is important in the cold conditions of battery operation. On the purchase of such a battery it is worth considering the owners of powerful, complete machines with a lot of additional equipment that requires autonomous power supply, for example, pre-heater, GPS navigation, etc.


Batteries should always be replaced with the equivalent battery to meet the car´s needs. For better performance upgrade with VARTA Blue Dynamic.


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