Duracell’s battery brand has long instilled a sense of trust and assurance among consumers. Despite its establishment in the 1920s, many remain unfamiliar with the question: “Where are Duracell batteries made?” As a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Duracell maintains manufacturing operations across multiple locations worldwide. While European and Mexican facilities produce some batteries, the majority of Duracell’s manufacturing takes place in the United States. Notably, their LaGrange, Georgia plant is responsible for creating most of the AA and AAA alkaline batteries. Duracell’s battery offerings extend beyond alkaline types, with a diverse range of products available. Read on for further details.

Where Are Duracell Batteries Made?

Duracell, a leading battery manufacturer, maintains a diverse production network across the world, including facilities in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. In the US, the company has manufacturing plants located in Cleveland, Tennessee; LaGrange, Georgia; and Lexington, North Carolina, with their US operations and headquarters based in Bethel, Connecticut. However, Duracell’s Lancaster, South Carolina plant was closed in 2016, shortly after Berkshire Hathaway’s acquisition of the company.

In Europe, Duracell operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Aarschot, Belgium, recognized as their most innovative facility, having undergone a remarkable transformation process to become a “factory of the future” in just two years. The company also leases manufacturing plants in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and Wrexham, Wales. In Mexico, Duracell has a manufacturing plant located in Mexico City.

While the majority of Duracell batteries are produced in these locations, the company collaborates with several third-party manufacturers to produce batteries in other countries. Furthermore, Duracell has a distribution center located in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium, which exports products to Europe and Africa. Duracell’s batteries are available in over 130 countries worldwide, reaching millions of customers.

Through their diversified production facilities, Duracell maintains the capacity to meet customer demand for their batteries.

Who Makes Duracell Batteries?

Berkshire Hathaway oversees Duracell’s production of its own alkaline batteries, leveraging the company’s rich history and expertise in the battery industry. While undergoing numerous changes, Duracell remains the global leader in battery production. The company has a team dedicated to research and development and operates cutting-edge manufacturing facilities across the US, Europe, and Mexico. These facilities produce Duracell’s products and have received ISO 9001 certification for their quality management systems.

Duracell places a significant emphasis on research and development and has developed several proprietary technologies to enhance battery performance. Its Duralock Power Preserve Technology is one such innovation, enabling longer-lasting batteries. Additionally, Duracell has produced cells with unique power capabilities not found in other batteries.

About Duracell Company

Duracell, originally founded as the P.R. Mallory Company in the 1920s by scientist Samuel Ruben and businessman Philip Rogers Mallory, has since become a well-known manufacturer of alkaline batteries, rechargeables, specialty cells, and smart power systems. After undergoing multiple mergers and acquisitions, the company is currently owned by the conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

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In 2014, Procter & Gamble announced plans to spin off Duracell, prompting Berkshire Hathaway to purchase the company in an all-stock deal. The acquisition was finalized in February 2016, with a cash investment of $1.8 billion from Procter & Gamble directly into Duracell.

Today, Duracell remains at the forefront of battery production and renewable energy innovation. The company has expressed its commitment to developing new products powered by clean and renewable energy sources. In 2016, Duracell announced that its executives and 60 other employees would relocate to Chicago to be closer to the heart of the energy industry.

What Type Of Batteries Does Duracell Make?

Duracell has built its reputation around two types of batteries: non-rechargeable and rechargeable. Originally, the company specialized in non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, which were highly regarded for their quality. As technology advanced, Duracell began manufacturing rechargeable batteries to meet changing consumer demands.

Duracell Non-Rechargeable Batteries
Non-rechargeable, or alkaline, batteries are ideal for many types of devices, such as wireless mice, remote controls, and toys. Duracell offers a variety of options in five sizes (AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V), with three variations: Simply Power, Plus, and Ultra Power.

Simply Power batteries are perfect for low-drain gadgets like TV remotes or clocks. They provide reliable power at an unbeatable price.

With Duracell’s Plus Power range, you can enjoy top-notch performance for an incredibly long time. Thanks to Duralock technology, these batteries remain energized and ready even after ten years of storage.

Duracell Ultra Power is the most superior alkaline battery on the market, providing dependable and long-lasting power for everyday devices. Their concentrated power exceeds the capacity of Plus Power, and each battery in this range features PowerCheck and Duralock technologies.

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable batteries provide financial and environmental benefits, making them an excellent choice for any consumer. Duracell offers two types of rechargeable batteries: standard and high-capacity, available in AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V sizes. Rechargeables save money while reducing carbon emissions.

Duracell’s Standard rechargeable batteries (also known as Duracell Recharge Plus) are ideal for everyday devices, providing excellent value for your money. For higher-powered items like digital cameras or game controllers, Duracell’s High Capacity rechargeables, also called Recharge Ultra, offer optimal performance and efficiency.

The Duralock technology in Duracell precharged rechargeable batteries enables them to retain up to 80% of their charge for a full year, even when not in use. This feature makes these high-capacity batteries reliable not only during usage but also during periods of inactivity. Additionally, Duracell offers rechargeable batteries in both NiMH and lithium-ion technologies.

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Are Duracell Batteries Good?

Duracell has established a massive reputation over the years, with almost everyone who uses devices requiring AAA, AA, C, D, or 9V batteries being familiar with the brand. The company is renowned for manufacturing top-quality batteries that are both reliable and long-lasting.

The majority of consumers have positive experiences with Duracell batteries, attributing their consistent performance and long-lasting power as their main advantages. These batteries are easily accessible in stores and online, and the brand offers a wide range of sizes and types to cater to various devices.

However, a few buyers have complained about Duracell batteries leaking or failing to retain their charge as effectively as expected. Additionally, some users have noted that these batteries may be more expensive than other brands, which could be a disadvantage for some buyers.

Here are the pros and cons of Duracell batteries:


  • Reliable and consistent
  • Easily accessible
  • Available in a variety of sizes and types
  • Long-lasting power
  • Environmentally friendly, with no traces of heavy metals like mercury, making them suitable for recycling
  • Great shelf life of 10 years


  • Potentially more expensive than some other brands
  • Some reports of leakage or poor charge retention


  • Who owns Duracell batteries? Duracell is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, a consumer goods company.
  • Are Duracell batteries made in China? No, they are not made in China. They are manufactured by their parent company in the USA, Mexico, and Europe.
  • Where are Energizer batteries made? Energizer batteries are made in the USA, China, Singapore, and Indonesia.
  • Where are Rayovac batteries made? Rayovac has manufacturing plants in Washington, UK, and Portage, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Who makes Duracell car batteries? Duracell car batteries are made by East Penn in Pennsylvania, USA, a company that has been producing top-of-the-line lead acid batteries for over 60 years.
  • Are Duracell batteries better than Energizer? Both Duracell and Energizer are reliable brands. Duracell batteries tend to be cheaper and rated to have a longer shelf life, while Energizer batteries may offer more power, making them better for high-drain devices.

In conclusion, Duracell is a popular and reliable battery brand that produces batteries in various locations, with a majority of production in the USA, Europe, and Mexico. They are committed to developing products powered by clean and renewable energy sources. While Duracell batteries are generally considered reliable and long-lasting, some buyers have reported issues like leaking or not holding a charge as well as expected. However, with its established reputation, Duracell batteries remain a great choice for those seeking reliable and long-lasting batteries.