Are Duralast and Diehard Batteries Identical?

Duralast and Diehard batteries are produced by the same company, but there are notable differences between the two brands.

Diehard batteries are renowned for their exceptional longevity, outlasting many other battery brands in terms of lifespan. On the other hand, Duralast batteries are known for their outstanding performance. Despite these distinctions, both brands offer similar specifications and features, leading to confusion among many buyers.

Overview of Diehard Batteries

Diehard is a reputable battery brand known for its wide range of reliable battery options. Diehard batteries are available in five models, each designed with advanced technology to cater to the power needs of different vehicles.

The battery models offered by Diehard include:

  • Diehard Red
  • Diehard Silver
  • Diehard Gold
  • Diehard Platinum
  • Diehard Platinum AGM

The Diehard Red model is typically utilized for ignition purposes, while the Diehard Silver model provides reliable ignition and can also power a few additional accessories in all seasons.

Diehard Gold batteries offer superior performance, ensuring powerful ignition in various climate conditions. The Platinum variation further enhances reliability and performance compared to its predecessors, delivering significantly higher power output to accommodate mid-range accessories.

At the top of the line, the Diehard Platinum AGM battery represents the pinnacle of Diehard’s battery range. This model is designed to handle high-demand accessories on power-hungry vehicles, providing optimal performance and reliability.

Overview of Duralast Batteries

Duralast batteries are widely recognized as a popular brand available at AutoZone Stores worldwide. The brand offers three main model options: Regular, Gold, and Premium. The Duralast Regular model is an entry-level battery primarily designed as a starter battery, providing power to start the engine and recharging while the vehicle is running. This model is recommended for vehicles without extensive additional features.

Duralast Gold batteries, on the other hand, feature extra lead plates compared to the base model, delivering enhanced performance and functionality. This battery variant is suitable for vehicles that operate in extreme temperature conditions and those with higher power requirements, such as vehicles with heated seats.

The Platinum variant of Duralast batteries incorporates Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, offering even greater power output. The Duralast Platinum battery is particularly well-suited for off-road vehicles and vehicles equipped with numerous electrical accessories.

Duralast vs. Diehard Battery Comparison

Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison between Duralast and Diehard batteries.

Duralast vs. Diehard Manufacturer: Duralast batteries are manufactured by Clarios LLC, which acquired Johnson Controls International in 2019. AutoZone Stores exclusively distribute Duralast batteries. Diehard batteries are also produced by Clarios LLC, following Johnson Controls’ ownership of Globe-Union Battery and subsequent sale of its battery operations in 2019.

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Duralast vs. Diehard Battery Types and Technology: Both Duralast and Diehard batteries offer two types: AGM batteries and Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries. Flooded lead-acid batteries are commonly found in older car models, containing liquid electrolyte for chemical reactions that power the engine. Diehard flooded lead-acid batteries generally provide slightly better performance compared to Duralast. AGM batteries, prevalent in newer car models, feature fiberglass mats containing the chemical properties, offering easier management and more efficient power delivery. Duralast AGM batteries outperform Diehard AGM batteries in terms of longevity and performance.

Duralast vs. Diehard RC Rating (Reserve Capacity): Reserve capacity (RC) rating indicates the duration (in minutes) a fully charged car battery can deliver 25 amps at 80°F before dropping below the minimum voltage. It represents the battery’s ability to release energy over time without relying on the car’s charging system. Duralast and Diehard offer various battery models with different RC ratings.

Duralast vs. Diehard Cold Cranking Power: Cold cranking amps (CCA) measure a car battery’s ability to start the engine in cold weather conditions. It represents the power capacity in amps that the battery can provide and sustain for 30 seconds at 0°F. Both Duralast and Diehard offer battery models with high CCA output. Duralast batteries typically score between 700A and 800A in CCA, while Diehard batteries provide a wider range, ranging from 550A to 900A.

Overall, both Duralast and Diehard offer reliable battery options with their own strengths and variations in performance. Consider your specific needs and vehicle requirements to determine which brand and battery model would be the best fit for you.

Duralast vs. Diehard Operating Temperature Range Both Diehard and Duralast batteries offer a wide operating temperature range, typically ranging from 40°F to 110°F. The specific temperature range may vary depending on the battery type and model.

Duralast Gold and Diehard Platinum batteries have the highest operating temperature ranges, enabling them to function effectively in extreme temperature conditions.

Duralast vs. Diehard Ease of Maintenance Maintaining Duralast and Diehard batteries is straightforward. Simply follow the basic maintenance instructions applicable to other automotive batteries.

Additionally, both brands offer maintenance-free battery models, such as Duralast Gold and Diehard Platinum AGM. These models eliminate the need for regular battery maintenance, saving you time, effort, and associated costs.

Duralast vs. Diehard Durability Comparison Both brands deliver impressive battery durability. Diehard batteries typically have a lifespan of three to five years under ideal conditions. However, the actual lifespan can vary based on factors such as temperature, charging system type, maintenance practices, and driving habits.

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Similarly, Duralast batteries generally last between three to five years, with longevity varying across different models. Duralast Platinum batteries offer an extended lifespan, which justifies their slightly higher price.

It’s important to note that the overall lifespan of car batteries depends on maintenance and usage, regardless of the brand.

Duralast vs. Diehard Warranty and Replacement Battery warranties provide coverage for free or prorated replacements. Even with regular maintenance, your battery may require replacement at some point. A warranty ensures peace of mind while driving.

Both brands offer attractive warranty coverage. Duralast provides a two-year warranty, while Diehard offers a three-year warranty. Therefore, Diehard takes the lead in this category with a longer warranty period.

However, understanding the warranty terms and conditions is crucial to ensure your battery purchase remains covered, regardless of the brand.

Duralast vs. Diehard Price Duralast and Diehard batteries are generally priced within the same range. The cost of the battery may vary based on factors such as size, model, and additional features. In this case, both brands offer similar pricing with slight variations.

Duralast vs. Diehard Batteries Pros and Cons Table Summary

Duralast Battery Diehard Battery
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Most parts are maintenance-free Some models come with a relatively higher discharge rate, shortening the lifespan Longer life span Some models are relatively costly
Wide range of use fitting various vehicle needs Some models lack a handle, making handling and carrying difficult Better CCA scores Some models aren’t efficient in extreme cold weather conditions
Offers a durable solid build Some models are relatively expensive Reliable and dependable Some models are difficult to install
Reliable and dependable Offers excellent value for money
Relatively high reserve capacity Superior starting performance

Duralast and Diehard batteries are both reputable brands known for their quality and performance. Choosing between Duralast and Diehard ultimately depends on specific factors and individual preferences.

If you have an older vehicle, a flooded lead-acid battery like Diehard Gold or Duralast Platinum would be a suitable choice. These batteries are well-suited for older cars that require reliable starting power.

For newer vehicles with modern accessories and specifications, AGM batteries are recommended. In this case, Diehard AGM batteries are a better fit for more recent car models.

Where to Purchase Duralast and Diehard Batteries

Diehard batteries can be found at Advance Auto Parts stores worldwide. To locate the nearest store, you can visit the Advance Auto Parts website, select your desired battery or product, and search for a nearby store that carries it. Additionally, you can purchase Diehard batteries and related products online and opt for home shipping through Advance Auto Parts (additional fees may apply). Diehard batteries are also available at Kmart,, and Sears Hometown Stores.

Duralast batteries, on the other hand, are exclusively available at AutoZone stores. You can visit the AutoZone website to find stores near your location or place an order online for home delivery (shipping fees may apply). While you may find these brands in other stores, purchasing from the official distributor ensures warranty coverage and peace of mind.