The 2013 Lincoln MKS sedan gets a thorough makeover, from a more powerful standard engine to some sophisticated new safety systems. Lincoln has done a good amount of something to the 2013 Lincoln MKS specs. The 2013 Lincoln MKS sedan has been given a mid-cycle refresh that includes upgraded power, a newly refined suspension and a restyled beak. The mechanical changes for 2013 Lincoln Lineup are even more significant, as the 2013 Lincoln MKS benefits from a host of suspension tweaks and more power.

2013 Lincoln MKS rearside angle view

The 2013 Lincoln MKS is not a remake, but instead a heavy refresh like those applied to several Ford and Lincoln products of late. The 2013 Lincoln MKS is expected will hit dealers in the spring of 2012. The 2013 Lincoln MKS exterior has been updated with a revised grille, hood, front fenders, headlamps, front fascia, deck lid, rear fascia, LED tail lamps and exhaust tips, plus new 19- and 20-inch aluminum wheels.

2013 Lincoln MKS frontside angle view

The 2013 Lincoln MKS grille still features two sections filled with vertical bars; they are crowded with more, thinner chrome vanes. Also visible are fog light housings that are smaller and lower on the 2013 Lincoln MKS bumper. Out back, the Lincoln MKS taillights, which are currently very linear and vertical, will get new C-shaped LED strips, while the trunk panel between also will be redesigned.

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2013 Lincoln MKS instrument panel

Notice that the 2013 Lincoln MKS license plate, which was once centered in the trunk lid, is now mounted low on the bumper. Ford has overhauled much of the chassis hardware on the 2013 Lincoln MKS, fitting electric power steering, larger brakes, torque vectoring control, continuously controlled damping and new Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid systems. Among the 2013 Lincoln MKS interior enhancements are a new instrument panel, optional heated steering wheel and choice of new woods and leather colors.

2013 Lincoln MKS interior design

Lincoln has managed to give the 2013 Lincoln MKS specs a more powerful base engine that’s also more efficient. The 2013 Lincoln MKS gets the updated version from the Mustang and F-150, which features variable camshaft timing and projected output is 300 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque (up from 273 and 270). Fuel saving tech includes active grille shutters and a clutched alternator, which help the 2013 Lincoln MKS 3.7-liter achieve slight fuel-economy bumps with both front- and all-wheel drive.

2013 Lincoln MKS engine design

The 2013 Lincoln MKS return an expected 2-mpg improvement in the city and a 4-mpg bump on the highway for the frond drivers, landing at 19/28 while four-wheelers improve 2 and 3 mpg, respectively, climbing to 18/26. The top powertrain remains a 355-hp, 3.5-liter Lincoln MKS EcoBoost engine paired exclusively with all-wheel drive and returning EPA ratings of 17/25. All 2013 Lincoln MKS continue with six-speed automatic transmissions.

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2013 Lincoln MKS – 2011 LA Auto Show

Competitors 2013 Lincoln MKS

Lincoln is still in an uphill battle to convince buyers that the 2013 Lincoln MKS is a genuine competitor to the likes of an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class. However, the 2013 Lincoln MKS is at least free from the majority of its prior faults. The biggest drawback for many shoppers will likely be the 2013 Lincoln MKS MyLincoln Touch electronics interface which is neat in theory but finicky to use in practice.

2013 Lincoln MKS passenger seat design

There are also some great choices in this price segment, including the stylish and sporty Cadillac CTS, the surprisingly refined and sophisticated Chrysler 300 and the luxurious, value-conscious Hyundai Genesis Sedan, however, in the face of these strong competitors, the 2013 Lincoln MKS review says it is finally worth a look.


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