The 2012 Scion is still focused on small cars done inexpensively, and one of its mainstays, the 2012 Scion TC, holds its entry price to under $20,000 while it tries to challenge some of the performance-seekers who might be left behind by the FR-S’ higher base price. The 2012 Scion TC is a well-equipped yet affordable coupe that benefits from Toyota’s attention to quality, durability and reliability. The 2012 Scion TC is a good choice among compact coupes thanks to its roomy interior and generous cargo capacity; just don’t expect its driving dynamics to match its sporty looks.

2012 Scion TC interior design

The 2012 Scion TC is marketed towards the young first-time buyer looking for a sporty and hip urban vehicle. After a complete redesign last year, the 2012 Scion TC specs is carries over with minimal changes. The 2012 Scion TC made a fairly sharp transition last year, from a softly rounded, Celica-like shape to a crisper, more creased look that’s part Camaro, part Cylon; it’s chunkier, and the details are bolder, more upfront.

2012 Scion TC frontside angle view

The 2012 Scion TC nose kicks up into the fenders and the line continues skyward at the rear pillars, where it’s supposed to evoke the look of a racing helmet. It’s a little more sci-fi than that, and as a result, the 2012 Scion TC is a lot easier to pick out of the crowd. The same starch gets applied to the 2012 Scion TC cabin, which gets bigger instruments and a flat-bottomed steering wheel–along with some glaring mismatched plastics and lots of cutline’s that speak of intense cost-cutting.

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There’s some design frill in the basic shapes of the cut-tube gauges and M&M-shaped climate controls, and the 2012 Scion TC wears its red-lit gauges well. Though the 2012 Scion TC isn’t especially sporty to drive, the interior does its best to indicate otherwise. The rim of the flat-bottomed steering wheel in the 2012 Scion TC is incredibly thick, as if pulled from a racecar. The 2012 Scion TC does have notable advantages.

2012 Scion TC instrument panel

Cargo space is one, as the 2012 Scion TC convertible design and folding rear seat create a relatively cavernous cargo area that puts other compact coupes to shame. A big four-cylinder engine spins under the hood of the 2012 Scion TC, and it’s coupled to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The testosterone flowing into the sheetmetal isn’t quite in evidence here, though the 2012 Scion TC performance is pleasant enough. The 2012 Scion TC 0-60 mph time of about eight seconds is on tap while a 7.6 seconds with the manual, 8.3 seconds with the paddle-free automatic shifter–and cornering is predictable.

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2012 Scion TC Competitors

For less than $20,000, the 2012 Scion TC price comes with a good set of standard features. 2012 Scion TC is offered in one well-equipped trim level, with features that include a panorama sunroof, 18-inch aluminum wheels, air conditioning and cruise control, as well as power windows, mirrors and door locks. The Scion TC accessories still has plenty of appeal.

2012 Scion TC engine design

However, buyers is still suggested to check out some other 2012 Scion TC competitors, including the Honda Civic coupe and Kia Forte Koup. The all-new Hyundai Veloster is also worth serious consideration given its innovative three-door design and superior feature content, but the practical yet enjoyable 2012 Scion TC has plenty to recommend it, despite its existence out of the spotlight.


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