There is nothing to raise the pulse in the 2012 Honda Pilot which the company has subtly refreshed because Honda likes its Pilots to be sober. For the vast number of people who appreciate the 2011 Honda Pilot availability which could transports up to eight people and their stuff, the 2012 Honda Pilot is not a bad thing. The 2012 Honda Pilot gets what amounts to a mid-cycle refresh, doing away with the oddly framed, grille introduced in 2009 and instead substituting a more tasteful grille that we see as a more vertical take on the brand’s passenger-car front ends.

2012 Honda Pilot frontside angle view
Sometimes meaningful change can be achieved with just one or two thoughtful adjustments, and so it is with the 2012 Honda Pilot.  The 2012 Honda Pilot exterior is refreshed with restyled headlights and a new look for the front fascia and grille. On the 2012 Honda Pilot, the front fascia design seen on the 2011 Honda Pilot is mostly gone, replaced with a rather plain face for 2012. A three-slat grille has been installed in the 2012 Honda Pilot, while the lower edge and fog lights are redesigned.

2012 Honda Pilot rearside angle view
Like the changes to its face, the alterations to the 2012 Honda Pilot interior aren’t immediately apparent and require a Pilot expert to spot. The 2012 Honda Pilot changes give the 2011 Honda Pilot a center stack that’s less button-heavy than that of its predecessor. The buttons and knobs are also more logically clustered, which makes this 2012 Honda Pilot controls more user-friendly than those seen in the 2011 Honda Pilot model.

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The 2012 Honda Pilot is available in the same four trim levels as the 2011 Honda Pilot model year; LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring. The buyers can spec any 2012 Honda Pilot with two- or four-wheel drive. The 2012 Honda Pilot engine is motivated by a 3.5-liter V6 that generates 250 hp and 253 pound-feet of torque while a five speed automatic is the only available transmission.

2012 Honda Pilot engine design
The front wheel drive is standard, but all 2012 Honda Pilot models are available with an all-wheel-drive system that automatically apportions power to the rear wheels when front slippage occurs; this system also has a driver-selectable “lock” feature that routes maximum torque to the rear wheels at speeds below 19 mph.

2012 Honda Pilot instrument panel
In a performance testing, the 2012 Honda Pilot 0-60 mph time is clocking in a slow 9.1 seconds while the fuel economy is quite good. The EPA estimates the 2012 Honda Pilot mpg at 18 mpg city/25 highway and 21 mpg combined which is place the car near the top of its segment.

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Honda Pilot 2012 Test Drive & Car Review

Competitors 2012 Honda Pilot

The 2012 Honda Pilot specs might at first glance look like out of date; like the kind of ruggedly styled, truck-based SUV that’s gone out of favor. But in truth, the 2012 Honda Pilot specs are one of the better choices for everyday use and the overtly boxy body yields an especially roomy interior. Though the 2012 Honda Pilot gas mileage boasts strong fuel economy and roomy accommodations, it’s outpaced by more well-rounded choices.

2012 Honda Pilot interior design
The Dodge Durango and Mazda CX-9 all brim with more vigor off the line and are generally better to drive than the 2012 Honda Pilot. Of course, these vehicles can’t beat the 2012 Honda Pilot in terms of interior spaciousness, but if that’s a priority, we’d suggest considering the similarly sized Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Flex. However, the 2012 Honda Pilot is finally a worthy contender, well-rounded enough to shine as an attractive proposition in this closely fought segment.

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