I’ve been reading through mixed reviews of Optima batteries since Manley Controls required possession, but made the decision to try it out since i have couldn’t look for a comparable alternative which was proven superior. To date battery is everything I was expecting — strong and in line with a pleasant reserve capacity. Contrary changes I’ll update this review but to date so great.

The only real problem was the packaging — really there literally was NONE generate income thought it was on my small porch. I came home and located battery laying Then the box it had been shipped in on it’s side, and also the box had simply ‘busted’ at both bottom and top. The UPS guy didn’t even try to restore it, and that i don’t blame him as it is not his job. Why the shipper used a paper-thin box with simply one strip of tape, I am unable to understand. I understand for certain whenever you order an Optima in the factory it is available in a really thick card board box with strong tape. It was the alternative — a box intended for shipping teddies not heavy batteries. I wouldn’t purchase this battery from Amazon again, due to the fact this vendor selects in order to save a couple of dollars on economy packaging techniques. I’d rather pay many not find my battery laying on the floor, clearly getting burst with the bottom prior to the delivery guy was finished setting this area lower.

I have bought yellow tops for a long time. A large fan of the battery. I perform a large amount of entertainment with Labrador Retrievers. Transports for save dogs and a lot of learning the boonies. These batteries have out carried out our previous batteries. I’ve got a handful of automobiles I don’t drive daily. I leave battery power junior low current in it. Always have a very good strong start and our weather conditions are difficult on battery power in certain extreme warmth.

Also, loved this purchase since i had a great cost and also got a Optima $100.00 battery maintainer incorporated with my purchase. Always determine if Optima includes a promotion. Good deal completely around!!

Also, I have been assured by Amazon . com that the quick return may happen if there’s a defective battery. Managed to get an simpler decision not to buy in your area.

It was the very best battery I’ve discovered for that intended use. It combines an in-depth cycle using the energy to begin. Now produced in Mexico and it has gone downhill. Won’t hold electric power charge despite no strain on it. Think carefully purchasing online because it is extremely difficult to come back or get changed under warranty. Optima is zero help.

I’ve got a decent audio system, not very fancy, but my lights would dim once the sub hit. I’ve got a capacitor but my factory battery just couldn’t recharge quick enough. This battery solved the problem because of its design (AGM Technology, educate yourself onto it)

For those who have a great stereo system, winch, off-road lights or any other products that drain battery this really is a minimum of the initial step within the right direction otherwise the answer.

Have it!!

I had been fortunate not to have needed to replace my battery within my 08′ Tundra until March 2014. My lengthy commute stored it vitalized. I Then moved within 40 miles of labor and also the battery began going. Slow start, car headlights dim between gears change, as well as check my check engine light along with other parts began to visit. I immediately sought out something to have the ability to handle the energy my truck needed. It has been per month and also the optimum yellow top is outstanding. I’ve got a Airaid CAI, and ZXE lights, I’ll be adding a winch and steel bumpers this summer time with a lot more lighting. This battery could be more than sufficient to handle load. She begins extremely swift, no dimming on any lights, no check engine lights, forget about trouble with wise stopping systems. Outstanding. SEMPER FI

Quite strong battery, doesn’t need maintenance, have experienced the Optima batteries and in my boat and also have survived for seven years and still going strong. Best battery available on the market.

Set up in my Toyota FJ. Runs my 4 driving lights plus Pork equipment. Great battery and is effective in -15 degree weather throughout the wintertime. Best battery I’ve every possessed.

Item recieved was either used or refurbished. Battery contacts clearly reapidly used and condition of product inadequate. Surface of battery split from base. Not seeping gel yet. Item unsafe to set up. WARNING!!!