No one wants a dead battery in their car. It spends not only your time in fixing it (if it still can be fixed), but also your money when you need to buy a new one or ask a technician to repair the battery. Instead spending your precious time and money, you can choose to follow the following simple steps to recharge your car battery.

First, take your car battery charger (you can try to borrow it from someone if you don’t have any). I am not a retailer or from any manufacturer company, but I can recommend you to use Battery Tender. It costs you less than $30, but it works good. Since you have a dead battery, you may need to slowly trickle charge it. You can find your battery easily after opening your car hood. Try to find it at the left or right side near you (standing facing the car). Some battery terminals are on the top while other variations have on their side. Clean the terminals if it is needed.

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Now, look at the charger clamps and see if it will fit the terminals without any need to remove the battery. If everything is okay, you can try to connect the clamps.

Make sure that you have the terminals cleaned and, when you need to, removed. Take the terminals and put them on scrape plywoods, not concrete. Do the same even if your battery has its terminals on the side.

Now, remember that some parts may have screwed adapters. You should treat these parts carefully. Make sure that you hve turned your charger off before plugging it in. After you do this, connect the black cable to its terminal. Do the same with the positive (red) cable. After having this done, make sure that you have set the charger amp to the lowest value.

Finally, take a multimeter and use it to examine your battery after it is completely charged, but before doing that, make sure that all installed adapters have been removed and the whole parts of the battery have been cleaned perfectly. After having this done, you can connect the cables again by connecting the black cable (negative) to its terminal. Remember to have the same thing to the positive (red) button.

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The steps above are only general steps in re-charging your car battery. Someone or even you may have better idea in doing this. However, keep in mind that you should check for any risk before doing any alternative re-charging method. Be sure that it will not damage any of your auto parts.