In order not to change your car battery several times, you should choose it with much consideration. There are a few points to help make a right decision. The first one is the size as the battery has to be placed perfectly in its tray to resist vibrations.

Right Fit

Let’s start with the basics – a battery should first and foremost be of the right size for your car’s battery tray. Meaning, it should have the right length, height and width. So, before you even think of buying a certain battery, make sure it’s the right size and has right terminal locations for your car (check the owner’s manual or consult with your mechanic). This is crucial, as the battery needs to fit perfectly in its tray so it can be secured and protected against vibrations.

Power Requirement

The next important moment is cold cranking amps (CCA) and cranking amps. The more CCA, the better.

Battery Freshness

It’s crucial to check the battery freshness. There is a number in a code that indicates when the battery was made. For instance, A/5 means January 2015. The car batteries , older than 6 months, should not be purchased.


Batteries are divided into two types – maintenance-free and low maintenance. As the maintenance-free batteries don’t require replacement due to their sealed design, people prefer them to low maintenance ones. Therefore our top 10 list consists only of the maintenance-free batteries.


It would be natural to search for a battery warranty with the longest free replacement period. For example, 24/84 – free replacement time of 24 months , prorated warranty of 84 months.