The ultimate source of electrical power in your car is the car battery. In most cases car manufacturers do claim that the batteries won’t have any problems whatever the circumstances. This may not be true in the long run. Replace the damaged batteries as soon as possible though this is not an easy thing that needs guidance and we intend to assist you through the whole process of Car Battery Replacement.

Things you should need:

  • A new car battery
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wire brush
  • Lithium grease
  • Baking soda paste

Steps involved in replacing a car battery:

Step 1

It involves first disconnecting all the electrical circuits associated with the car battery. Protect your hands with protective hand gloves. The greenish yellow stuff seen in every battery is acidic and corrosive, can cause serious burns if you come in contact with it.

Step 2

Test the battery to ensure that it charges and discharges without problems. Use a wire brush and baking soda paste to remove the greenish materials on the terminals. Remember to continue protecting your hands, it is very important to prevent being in contact with the substance present in the terminals that is corrosive.

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Step 3

Replace the battery if in your opinion you think there are signs of depletion on the charge. First of all remove the connection from the positive terminal and you should then try only doing the one at the negative terminal At that time then Clean the Car Battery Terminals.

Step 4

You should then hold down the battery towards its compartment or room after which remove the screws and bolts associated with it.

Step 5

Get somebody to help you lift the battery from the compartment. Clean anything you find in the compartment using the wire brush and the baking soda paste. The corrosive matter seen over the place can only be cleaned by use of baking soda paste.

Step 6

This is the time to replace the connections. Start with the positive terminal. Spray lithium grease over the connections after doing at both ends.

Step 7

This is the time to check how things went on. You will be able to see your vehicle working normally as it was doing in the past if you did everything well.

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