Who manufactures Kirkland motor oil?

Kirkland motor oil is manufactured by Warren Distribution, a company founded by James Schlott in 1992. Warren Distribution is based in North America and is known for being a major blender of oils for private label brands. They produce Kirkland motor oil specifically for Costco stores worldwide, along with other reputable brands of engine oil. In addition to motor oil, Warren Distribution also manufactures industrial oil, heavy-duty engine oil, and greases.

The Manufacturer of Kirkland Motor Oil

What company makes Kirkland brand motor oil?

Kirkland brand motor oil is manufactured by Warren Distribution, a prominent company founded by James Schlott in 1992. Warren Distribution, based in North America, specializes in blending oils for private label brands. They produce Kirkland motor oil specifically for Costco stores globally, as well as manufacturing engine oil for other reputable brands. In addition to motor oil, Warren Distribution offers a range of other products such as industrial oil, heavy-duty engine oil, and greases.

Who is the owner of Warren Oil Company?

Warren Oil Company is owned by Trail Creek Investment, a privately owned investment company that specializes in the supply and distribution of motor and industrial products, as well as medical and beverage gases and products. In October 2016, Trail Creek Investment acquired Warren Oil Company.

Location of Warren Oil Company:

Warren Oil Company is headquartered in Marion, Illinois, United States. The company operates within the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry. They have multiple manufacturing facilities situated across various states in the United States, including Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, and Pennsylvania. With over one million square feet of manufacturing space and a remarkable storing capacity of twenty-one million gallons, Warren Oil Company is well-equipped to meet production demands. They employ a dedicated workforce of nearly three hundred staff members who work diligently to ensure efficient and reliable production of their products, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Who manufactures Kirkland heavy-duty motor oil?

Kirkland heavy-duty motor oil is blended and produced by Warren Distribution, the same company responsible for manufacturing Walmart’s Super Tech brand. Warren Distribution is also known for their own brand of motor oil called Mag 1 oil.

In addition to Kirkland, Warren Distribution blends motor oils for other well-known brands such as Meijer and AmazonBasics. With their expertise and experience, Warren Distribution has become a prominent player in the private oil manufacturing industry, earning a reputation as one of the leading blenders in the market.

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Who manufactures Kirkland’s signature synthetic motor oil?

Kirkland’s signature synthetic motor oil is proudly manufactured in the United States by Warren Distribution, one of the leading oil blenders in the industry. Warren Distribution is a renowned private manufacturer of oil and motor products, known for their commitment to quality.

Among the range of Kirkland synthetic motor oils, the Kirkland 0w-20 synthetic oil stands out as one of the top-notch products produced by Warren Distribution. This particular oil has received high praise for its performance and reliability.

Additionally, Warren Distribution produces the Kirkland 5w-30 synthetic oil, which is available at a slightly lower price point while maintaining a similar level of quality comparable to Mobil 1. If you require motor oil with a higher viscosity, the Kirkland SAE 5w-30 is an excellent choice.

With Warren Distribution’s expertise and dedication to manufacturing excellence, Kirkland’s signature synthetic motor oils offer customers a reliable and high-quality option for their automotive needs.

The Manufacturer of Kirkland Motor Oil

Kirkland Motor Oil: Optimizing Engine Performance and Protection

Kirkland motor oil is meticulously formulated to deliver exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and long-lasting engine protection. Manufactured by Warren Distribution, Kirkland motor oil is a premium synthetic oil crafted from high-quality synthetic components, renowned for their ability to provide superior results in engine maintenance and enhancement.

The synthetic composition of Kirkland motor oil ensures optimal lubrication and reduced friction, allowing engines to operate smoothly and efficiently. It offers excellent resistance to thermal breakdown, keeping the oil stable even under extreme temperatures. This enhances the oil’s ability to protect critical engine components, preventing wear, corrosion, and sludge buildup.

Designed for long-term engine health, Kirkland synthetic oil helps extend the lifespan of vital engine parts, promoting longevity and reliability. It meets the stringent requirements of modern engines, providing outstanding performance and protection for a wide range of vehicle models.

Whether you’re driving a car, truck, SUV, or other motorized vehicles, Kirkland motor oil is engineered to meet the demands of today’s engines, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of Kirkland synthetic oil to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently mile after mile.

Kirkland Motor Oil Specifications for Optimal Engine Performance

Kirkland motor oil is a premium full synthetic blend designed to meet the highest standards of performance and protection for your engine. Carefully formulated with a range of essential additives, Kirkland motor oil ensures optimal functioning in various temperature conditions while safeguarding your engine against wear and corrosion.

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Featuring a well-balanced viscosity, Kirkland motor oil performs reliably in both cold starts and high-temperature environments. Its advanced detergent additives, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and barium, effectively combat engine deposits, preventing corrosion and reducing wear.

To provide superior protection, Kirkland motor oil incorporates antiwear additives like phosphorus, zinc, and boron. These components form a protective barrier on metal surfaces, minimizing friction and extending the life of engine components.

In addition to its performance-driven formulation, Kirkland motor oil undergoes thorough quality control checks to ensure it does not contain harmful metals such as silver, aluminum, and nickel. Furthermore, the inclusion of silicon as an antifoaming agent helps maintain oil stability and prevents foaming under rigorous operating conditions.

With Kirkland motor oil, you can trust that your engine will receive the utmost care and protection, allowing it to perform at its best while ensuring a prolonged lifespan. Experience the benefits of Kirkland’s commitment to quality and reliability in every mile you drive.

What is the quality of Kirkland motor oil products?

Kirkland, a relatively new name in the engine oil industry, has emerged as a surprising contender against well-established brands like Mobil 1 and Castrol. Despite being a cheaper alternative, Kirkland motor oil products do not compromise on quality.

One key indicator of quality for engine oils is certification, and Kirkland motor oil has obtained both Dexos and API certifications. These certifications ensure that the oil meets the necessary standards for safe usage. Despite its affordability, Kirkland motor oil is considered a safe and reliable option, offering great value to vehicle owners.

Furthermore, Kirkland motor oil products have demonstrated superior performance in terms of fuel efficiency, outperforming many competitors in the market.

Where can you buy Kirkland motor oil?

Kirkland motor oils are exclusively produced by the Warren Oil Company for Costco. Therefore, if you wish to purchase Kirkland motor oil, you can find it only at Costco stores. Costco has locations worldwide, with a strong presence in Canada, the UK, and the USA.

There are three types of Kirkland motor oil available, categorized by viscosity. These include 0W 20, 5W 30, and SAE 5W 30, with the viscosity increasing from the lowest to the highest. Among customers, the 0W 20 variant stands out as one of the most popular and highly regarded Kirkland motor oils.