If you usually park your car outside your house or a building for more than 2 days, solar-powered car battery charger may be the one you should have.

This product is supported with common photovoltaic panel you can find in other solar-powered devices. The panel is located on the top of your car dashboard which is the best place to ‘harvest’ the sunlight which came through the windscreen. Other versions even have separated cups which can attach the panel to inside the windscreen directly.

If you have an RV, you can also try roof-mounted PV panels to store power into your secondary battery. The system is supported by a wire, running from the panel to a lighter plug which is connected to lighter power socked in the dashboard.

Using photovoltaic panels, you even don’t need to have a battery regulator since the voltage will never enough to damage your battery because of overcharged, but you should have one if you choose to have a larger version, such as for your camping trailer.

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Since it depends on the sunlight, make sure before you purchase one of this product that you have enough sunlight in your area or it will never work. You should try to find another alternative if you don’t have enough sunlight. You can try to use mains-powered car battery charger.

Regarding the device, some people think that solar-powered devices are great investment tools since there is nothing you need to spend when you already have the device because, at least until now, you can ‘harvest’ the sunlight for free. There will be no government institution which will charge you any cost for doing this, but also remember that you can not perform the charging process during the whole night. At first, you may need to spend some cost to buy the device, but once you have it, you can ‘harvest’ one of the most unlimited resources in this world. Unless it is cloudy, rainy, or during the night, you can ‘harvest’ the sunlight in the amount you like, as long as you like without any one complaining your action, just be sure that you have placed the device in the right position to get enough sunlight. It will be better if you can also watch the device during charging.

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