Dropped directly into my 2008 GTI. Whole process required about a few minutes and everything went based on plan without a slight hiccup or size problem. This really is most likely the very best cost on the battery of the quality having a full 3 year warranty you’ll find.

Precisely what Chevrolet puts during these suburbans and pick-ups when completely new. I’d an aftermarket one out of there for some time, also it would not quite crank as rapidly because it was designed to. Changed with that one, and my suburban’s to beginning (and keeping electric power charge) as when new.

Perfect fit in my 2008 Acadia. I purchased this to exchange the OEM Delco battery which was many years old but still working. Very first time I’ve changed a ‘good’ battery before it fails, but thought about being positive because this is a rather involved job with an Acadia.

Fit my 2011 BMW M3 perfectly (it is not as lengthy because the OEM battery however the bottom clamp has lots of locations for various battery measures). Posts and vent fit great. I am likely to check it out without re-programming the vehicle. To date its working fine.

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Much simpler to possess a battery shipped than to need to make it home.

Bought this battery to exchange stock 08 GMC Acadia battery that survived 6 years. It’s an exact fit and really much better than the OEM as it is an AGM. My battery went before that one shipped and so i needed to spend money else in a local store. I could repurpose this battery for any different vehicle. After sitting two several weeks I visited check and charge as necessary. It did not need a small amount of juice. It had been fully billed.

Was getting dimming problem from my 2400watt pioneer amplifier pushing a 15in sub. Had a high output alternator also it still did not solve the problem until i acquired this battery. Do not buy some sports model ‘high end’ high listed AGM when case nearly as good as well as. It really works great, i’d it for several weeks and that i play my music noisy every day and also the battery doesn’t have signs or put on or issues.

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Width and length were perfect matches for that stock battery. that one is all about 1′ taller, tho’, necessitating changing the screws acquiring the hold-lower/retainer/bracket. not really a large deal, however it wasn’t a clear stop by therefore it requires a one star hit.

I s’pose I shoulda stated it had become set up in an 05 BMW Z4 – my bride’s vehicle.