A good car battery can serve you for years, provided you take good care of your car and the battery. Here are some effective ways to ensure that the battery lasts long.

Whenever the car is not running, make sure all the electronics are switched off. This simply means that the air conditioner, radio, wipers, and lights are all turned off when the engine is turned off. This does more than preventing your battery from running dry, as it also ensures the electronics are protected from any power surge resulting from starting the engine.

If you do not intend on driving your car for a couple of days, ensure that it is parked with a fully charged battery. Parking your car with a low charged battery will make it harder to run after a couple days, and will significantly lower the battery’s life.

Clean or have the terminals of the battery cleaned regularly. This prevents corrosion and dirt, which might interfere with the flow of current. A trained auto mechanic will know the cleaning fluids needed, and can even advise you accordingly on how to clean the terminals yourself.

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Seek the services of a qualified technician who will tighten the power cables and battery holding brackets. Loose brackets give the battery room to wriggle or even shake, which significantly reduces its lifespan.