This battery is costly. I possibly could have purchased 3 normal!? lead acidity batteries for that cost which i taken care of just one Optima battery. Why did I actually do that? I’ve got a 1951 Ford which had a 6 volt system if this was new. I restored it and left it as being original as you possibly can. My current lead acidity battery is five years old. It had been seeping and leading to corrosion on battery devices in addition to eating the fresh paint off my battery holder. I take part in a couple of old vehicle restoration chats. Many, most of the other people which have attempted the 6 volt Optima assured me that I wouldn’t be sorry which i spent 3 occasions more income and that i should proceed an order this battery.

I bit the bullet, as they say, and purchased battery. I’d already washed my cables and repainted my battery holder while awaiting battery to reach. I strapped it along with bungie cords and switched the important thing. I spins the engine as quickly as a twelve volt. The vehicle have been setting lengthy enough for a few of the gasoline to evaporate from the carburator. Using the old battery, I normally squirted some starter fluid lower the carb before even trying to begin it. I simply wanted to find out if this battery is a superb as I’ve been told.

The only real factor will be able to find to complain about is how big battery. I needed to create a holddown for this. I chop up some sheet metal, bent it and welded it together in around an hour. I’m now a contented who owns battery power which i think will be able to trust. I am also told that it’ll never leak and ruin my cables or battery holder.

Bought 2 of those 6 volt for the antique cars in May, 2010. In October the first wouldn’t hold electric power charge. Required it towards the local Optima distributor plus they verified it wouldn’t hold electric power charge. The second unsuccessful in March, 2011 and Amazon¬†stated it wasn’t their responsibility because it was over thirty days. A great deal is just a great deal if this works. This isn’t a great deal. Please consider purchasing from the local distributor that will honor warranties their product. I have learned my lesson.

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The Optima battery is a superb product. No review necessary of the high quality, it is a good logo and provides great performance. But the actual way it was shipped really was surprising. There is no box, nothing. The shipping labels were just smacked around the plastic housing from the battery and also the insulation caps were recorded lower with obvious packaging tape. It showed up, but was showing apparent abrasion towards the plastic, and that i needed to use Goop Off to obtain the glue in the various labels removed. This battery is destined for any classic vehicle. It’s visible whenever you open the hood, so looks count. I had been really surprised that Amazon’s supplier of those did this type of PATHETICALLY POOR JOB of packaging it for shipment!

Don’t buy this battery because the warranty doesn’t take affect unless of course you purchase it from the approved store which isn’t Amazon . com. I purchased this battery also it showed up accurate arrival (after playing around with this particular for just two days I believed it to my shock). It being dead wasn’t the large problem until I known as Optima plus they stated there is nothing they might do because you purchased it , through Amazon . com. A 20 day old battery is useless because Amazon . com won’t go back because batterys aren’t permitted to become came back. Appears like $122 continues to be tossed lower the bathroom . save this headache.

I’d read among the reviews that mentioned this item have been shipped open with only a lable onto it. I’m pleased to are convinced that practice is finished. This battery was shipped in Thirty-six Hrs in a official Optima factory carton with foam form fitting packing. Before I installed battery I examined it on my small Schumacker computer controlled charger. It demonstrated electric power charge of exactly 90% that is within factory specs for any new battery shipment. It billed to 100% within three minutes and it has remained billed at 100% after driving my 1966 Volkswagen bug for fifteen minutes. Initially when i first began my Volkswagen I observed an instantaneous improvement in beginning performance. This battery is ranked at 800CCA also it shows! I’ll never return to a lead acidity (getting difficult to find), battery again. Also, don’ be overwhelmed through the Amazon . com observe that states: ‘This battery doesn’t match your VW’. They can fit all right as lengthy while you don’t mind utilizing a couple of bits of old two by fours to bind battery into position. As this is an AGM kind of battery it is also installed sideways if you want. A number of my buddies which have six volt Volkswagen bugs have recently wrapped thier Optimas inside a rubber pad underneath the chair. It appears a little funky but works all right. The most crucial dimension of Volkswagen Bug batteries may be the height because of the inclination from the chair springs to arc the very best posts from the battery if it’s too tall. This battery is at 1/4 inch of factory Volkswagen specs for height. I personally use plastic ‘topper’ caps simply to be cautious anyway. There you have it. Basically have problems inside the warranty period I’ll amend this review accordingly.

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I purchased this battery to energy my 1946 Dodge truck. It’s more turning amplifiers than the usual wet cell battery. I installed it and that i was ready to go. Additionally, it weights less and could be laid on its side.Amazon . com had the very best cost with this battery. Essential for just about any vehicle or truck aficionado