I have used a number of Optima Red and Yellow batteries and as per my experience these are superb at this price. If you want better than these, you will have to spend almost double amount on batteries.

I bought this Optima 8025 battery as a first purchase from Amazon. The order was processed very professionally and shipping was efficient. The price with free shipping offer was the best deal I could find online or even at local shops. I am saying after researching a lot before my purchase.

The battery fits within few minutes. You just need to check few sockets and if you will pick the right size of battery for your car, it will not take much time to fix it. The application guide provided on the website item page guided about my vehicle with accuracy.

I must say that I had to go through some trouble when the shipment arrived with a damaged package but Amazon provided some quality customer service to fix the issue. I was not so sure whether I should buy this because it read “no returns on hazardous stuff” but the overall quality of Amazon products is always top notch. I would definitely recommend Amazon as a place to buy car batteries specially after my own experience.

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I really did not know there is such an easy way to buy a battery for my jeep. I was searching to buy a new battery in place of my 5 year old original battery. I was glad to locate it at the Optima batteries website where it was available at the right size for my 2002 jeep. I browsed and found the battery on Amazon.com at a much better price deal. Optima 8025 was an immediate fit in the jeep with simple socket adjustment. The new battery with its strong starting power is working pretty well.