This battery replaces exactly the same battery bought in 2001. Nine many years of hassle free abuse is not bad. Frequently could leave the bike for six several weeks or even more without riding. Anyway in case your a driver that could get a little too busy to ride for amounts of time. Leave your bike unwatched this is actually the battery for you personally.

I purchased this battery to exchange the Energy-Wheels stock 12V one which was dead within my kids ride-on Tonka truck. As it turned out, it easily fit in the initial battery holder, I simply needed to apply certain longer M5 bolts to make use of the stock battery hold-lower. The children have used the18 wheeler for pretty much per month now, i haven’t charged up again it yet! Great battery.

I purchased this to exchange the identical model PC 545 Journey battery that I have tried personally within my Snapper Zero Turn 18hp lawn tractor. The very first Journey battery I’d with this mower survived 8 years!!

I understood it had been done if this would no more hold electric power charge.

This Journey battery has saved me the cost and also the work involved altering lawn and garden lead acidity type batteries every two or three years. That’s things i needed to do before purchasing the Journey.

One suggestion – make use of a battery tender or – even better – the Journey charger/maintainer about this battery and it’ll continue for a lengthy while.

I made use of a Deltran battery Tender for 8 years on my small first Journey. This time around I purchased the Journey charger/maintainer after i bought this new Journey battery. I wish to find out if it really works better. The Deltran did FINE however it crapped out (internal short) nearly the same time frame that old Journey battery did. And So I am trying a brand new chrager/maintainer around the new battery. All other reviews from the Journey items I’ve read, I ought to be fine!

I’ll publish basically encounter any problem!

A great battery – but – you have to charge it to greater than 80%. The reason of exactly why is around the Journey site. Not really a lengthy read but DO browse the explanation of why normal battery battery chargers won’t charge the Journey fully. After reading through in the Journey website – BUY this battery!!

Because the other review mentioned the Journey died following a couple of several weeks, yes much like it states it’ll within the manual in case your bike has not big enough of the alternator and also you ride short outings at low speeds! This can be a different AGM battery which get a really lengthy service existence When you get an authorized charger that charges and floats at different levels than other batteries. These batteries give extreme turning amplifier plus the opportunity to deep cycle which couple of batteries can perform. My HD begins up now since I’ve got a high torque starter. Obtain the Battery Minder 12248 Using the temp monitor for optimal charge and floating. If you do not follow these recommendations then dont waste your hard earned money and obtain a normal AGM which will die sooner!

There’s insufficient good stuff which i could say relating to this outstanding battery. Just before buying the Journey PC545 battery, I possibly could rely on battery power alternative yearly in my Honda Goldwing GL1800. Further, I trickle charge my cycle battery throughout the cold winter several weeks in Wisconsin. However, the cheaper acidity filled battery never managed to get with the winters despite the fact that these were continue electric power charge inside a warm garage. Then come spring and I am accurate my wheels. I purchased this battery 3 years ago, it’s consistently remained strong through our cold winters, and is constantly on the serve me perfectly. Yes it’s now spring within God’s country as our new riding season begins. You know what, after many several weeks of the battery sitting during the trickle charge, my large cruiser of the motorcycle sprang quickly a week ago. Further, I really like the performance of the battery to this kind of extent, that I am thinking about on purchasing a different one and kept in storage. Why don’t you, my first was $98 and today it’s leaped low of the $18 increaase. They’re excellent batteries that Id say are first rate, consider getting a different one available prior to the cost increases excessive. At any reasonable price, this battery makes it worth while. Happy Motoring!!

I purchased this Journey PC545 battery like a alternative in my VTX 1800. It showed up over time, well packed, too.

Based on the manual it had been pre-charge. And So I required that old battery out and in comparison them. It had been said to be an immediate alternative. Regrettably this Journey is all about 3/4′ more compact in hight. Within my situation it did not really make a difference – bear in mind if you are using this battery and expect so that it is exactly the same size.

Other then it had become an easy swap. It will convey more CCA then your original battery. The mounting points for that cables are very well built, even thought the provided bolts are somewhat short. For those who have more then only one connector per side you might have to search for longer bolts.

Again, simple swap, hooked up also it labored.

I’m happy using the battery. Well, because it begins the bike, gives enough juice to energy all of the additional equipment – I did not notice much difference. Time will inform whether it holds electric power charge longer then your old battery (and which will be easy)

High cliff notes: easy alternative, slightly more compact, well built fittings, short bolts.

I bought Odyssey PC545 battery in place of a same battery I purchased in 2001. The battery stood fast for nine years without giving me any trouble despite of my feeble use. Many times I would not use the bike for months or more. If you do not have much time at your disposal to attend the bike for months, this is surely the right battery for you.

I purchased this battery in place of the Power-Wheels stock 12V that was not working in the kids ride-on Tonka truck. I was amazed to see that it corresponded to the original battery holder without any problem. I only had to get longer M5 bolts for stock battery hold-down. It is almost a month now since I replaced the battery and my kids are riding the truck endlessly without any recharge. It’s an amazing battery.

I have endless words of praise for this amazing battery. Before purchasing Odyssey PC545 battery, I would need to replace the battery after a year of use for my Honda Goldwing GL1800 ride. Also, I had to charge my cycle battery in the cold winter of Wisconsin. But, the poor quality acid that was used to fill the battery never allowed it to complete the winter term even when they were charged in a warm garage.

When the weather changed and the battery was dead, I bought this battery. Since its purchase 3 years ago, it has been a constant companion in the cold winters and has assisted me with pure loyalty. Now it is spring again and we are ready to take out our rides again. You would be amazed to know that after months of battery on trickle charge, the bike boomed off extremely well.

Also, I am so happy with this battery that I am thinking of buying a new one to keep it handy for any emergency use. The first one I bought was of $98 and now there has been an $18 increase in the price. It would be totally wise to invest in this gem of a battery. I would get one before the next season of price hike. At such amazing price deal, this battery is totally worth the cost. Enjoy your rides!