Interstate AGM batteries are proud to be the most favored battery brand in North America. You can use the batteries in nearly every type of vehicle. Moreover, the company offers several other types of batteries beyond automobiles. They offer a wide range of batteries.

The target markets include cars, small trucks, bikes, heavy duty and recreational vehicles. The company is among the automobile industry’s oldest battery manufacturers. They’ve had decades of experience here. Interstate car battery supply is available statewide for nearly every form of car.

In one store, Interstate car batteries have all the power and battery accessory required.

Interstate AGM batteries are locally affiliated with nearly every community.

They have been a reliable new vehicle battery brand since 1952.

The company sees themselves as a leader in recycling, recycling more car batteries than they’ve sold.


Interstate batteries are dedicated to providing safe supplies of electricity to the globe. Interstate batteries work on biblical values that are caring and welcoming to everyone, such as modesty, integrity, treatment and support.

As a business contributor, everyone is able to engage with this purpose in some way that is important to them.

They strive to create supportive environments for team members and everyone else impacted by interstate batteries in a compassionate and accommodating atmosphere.

It does not promote prejudice against someone on the grounds of ideology or history.


Business values are a reference to how the company can work and are generally built into the company’s mission statement. Interstate car batteries values affect how they adhere to their target. 

Deliver WOW Through Service.

Be Passionate and Determined.

Do amazing things for the blessings you have been given.

Provide answers to customer’s demands.

Teamwork is welcomed, since they are happier together.


There’s no need for an appointment if you want to test or to install a battery on-site.

Effective, polite and efficient service in a variety of shops.

The credibility of Interstate batteries is increasing day by day due to their affiliation with AAA.

It takes fifteen minutes for staff to check the battery and provide you with the tutorials.

Being frank about the potential timeframes required to finish the job is another reason why they are a trustworthy company.

Everybody is ready to help and impresses with a freindly approach the moment you enter the interstate battery store. Moreover, in order to make you feel 100 percent happy about your car, they inspect other parts as well, as a courtesy. And no receipts for batter adjustments are required.


Poor warranty service as some interstate battery operators may not honor the warranty, resulting in losses.

Before their promised duration, most interstate batteries go dead or faulty.

Buyer is being blamed for defective goods. The buying of a cca900 for $280 is an example. Then 6 months later, it crashes. They swap it for a $169 fresh cca750 and you get billed 100 dollars. It ceases working a week later, and you don’t get any trade or refund.

Some of the store employees have extremely bad customer service. They don’t fit the culture or brand values. Not servicing the client, for example, so they have to head to lunch in two minutes after the customer has already arrived.

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