The Deka Intimidator 9A94R is a cutting-edge dual purpose battery that comes in a Group Size 48 (DIN: H7/L4) advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) 12 volt 800 CCA format. It is specially engineered for extreme starting and deep cycle applications, and it is a precise-fit battery for a range of European and domestic vehicles.

This battery boasts an array of features, including a maintenance-free design that eliminates the need to check electrolyte levels, tightly packed construction with calcium reinforced grids that provide greater resistance to shock and vibration, and a spill-proof design that ensures added protection for sensitive electronic equipment. It also has a faster recharge time, which allows for quicker turn-around times, and an easy fit and efficient design that enables easy installation in numerous applications.

Furthermore, the Intimidator 9A94R offers an extended performance and life compared to conventional batteries, thanks to its 2x life cycle. It also provides 20x more vibration resistance, making it an excellent choice for extreme service use in off-road, construction, and marine applications. Its superb dual purpose design makes it ideal for both starting and deep cycle applications, and its computer-cast power path grids assure the highest quality and optimum performance.

This battery also has advanced durability designs, including fortified posts, straps, and welds that resist vibration damage and maximize current transfer over the life of the battery. Its power-perform full-frame positive and negative plates withstand severe service applications and prevent life-robbing electrical shorts from exposed wire. Its enhanced electrolyte suspension system absorbs more electrolyte, protects internal components, and its micro-porous glass separators prevent acid spills and terminal corrosion.

The Intimidator 9A94R is suitable for a range of potential applications, including automotive, pick-up truck, SUV, and light commercial.

Part Number 9A94R
Battery Voltage 12 Volt
Cranking Amps 920 CA
Cold Cranking Amps 800 CCA
Capacity 80 Ah
Reserve Capacity Minutes 140 Minutes
Battery Group Size Group Size 94R (H7)
Battery Type Starting & Deep Cycle
Battery Chemistry Absorbed Glass Mat
Length 12-7/8″
Width 6-7/8″
Height 7-1/2″
Weight 51.5 Lbs
Warranty 36 Months