Recently, EverStart Platinum batteries have been used on commercial vehicles and special equipment, and interest in them is constantly growing.

Unlike conventional batteries, there is no free liquid electrolyte inside the EverStart Platinum. Between the positive and negative plates are insulating gaskets made of ultra-thin fiberglass and paper fibers, which have a high porosity. The entire electrolyte is contained in the porous gasket (separator) and in the active material of the plates. At the same time, the amount of electrolyte is dosed in such a way that the small pores are filled, and the large ones remain free for circulation of gases released as a result of chemical processes. The design includes a system of recombination of evolved gases: hydrogen and oxygen formed during operation of the battery do not have time to leave the battery before they turn into water again. Separators and plates are tightly pressed together.

A plastic loop makes it easier to lift and carry batteries, which weigh about 40 pounds.

Removable caps allow you to check or refill the electrolyte levels as needed.

Warranty reflects the free-replacement period and the total prorated periods in months (36/24).


Battery Series:

“Everstart Platinum”

The EverStart Platinum battery range is the best among its series, as it has many advantages due to AGM production technology and rather large prices for this product.

The range of batteries is presented in 4 types:


Brand: Everstart


The difference between EverStart Platinum batteries and conventional ones is that they do not contain liquid electrolyte, which gives a number of changes in the properties of the battery.

AGM technology uses a porous filler impregnated with liquid electrolyte between lead plates. The micropores of this material are not completely filled with electrolyte. Free volume is used for evolved gases.

How to properly prepare a new EverStart Platinum battery for use:

Remove the battery from the packaging.

Dismantle the protective film from the top of the battery.

Take in the hands of the tank with electrolyte, which comes complete with a battery, remove the bar with plugs from it and put it aside (we will need it later).

With effortless effort, fit a container with electrolyte to the pins under the protective film on the top of the battery.

The acid is poured in. Leave the battery in this position at least for half an hour, or better for an hour. The battery will start to heat up – this is normal.

Remove and dispose of the empty container from the electrolyte.

Install the bar with plugs to the place where the container with electrolyte stood. You may need to use a mallet or a small mallet.

Insert the bolts and nuts into the terminals of your new battery.

The battery is ready for use.


In carrying out the above work, it is advisable to use rubber gloves, be extremely careful with the electrolyte – it includes sulfuric acid.


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