EverStart battery combines both reliability and affordability. So if you need a quick battery change on a tight budget but still wants to have that peace of mind for a couple of years, this battery brand should be considered. Rely on this battery name to power for vehicle, home and gardening tools, sporting or recreational vehicle, etc.


Inexpensive Maxx Everstart battery are distinguished by high reliability and durability in operation. Despite the reasonable price, the manufacturer guarantees high quality of everstart batteries.

In the product line, represented by this brand, there are goods of different price range. But all of them are united by one thing – high quality of execution. EverStart batteries perfectly combine price availability and high performance. They proved in practice that they can work without interruption even under extreme conditions, which is especially valuable in the northern regions.

Such batteries can perfectly perform the functions of conventional batteries in cars. They do not need special maintenance. They do not need to regularly add distilled water, which simplifies the maintenance of the car as a whole. Such batteries will be an advantageous acquisition for those motorists who do not require intensive use of car batteries.

The purchase of such a battery will save money and time necessary to maintain the car. The battery will work just like a regular car battery, but at the same time its cost will be much lower.

Battery Series:

“Everstart Maxx”

As an EverStart battery guide, its battery line sold by today includes the automotive, marine, lawn and garden batteries and those for power sports. Almost all essential battery and power accessories are also offered by the brand.


This type of battery is a combination of lead plates (electrodes) and electrolyte material made from a solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Inside the battery there are two electrodes – negative (cathode) and positive (anode), on which the so-called active mass is located. Note that the electrodes are manufactured in a lattice structure, and it is into these pores that the active mass is pressed. At the cathode, it is ordinary sponge lead (Pb), at the anode, lead dioxide (PbO2) acts as the active mass.

Electrode grating plates in the form of pure lead are rare. Usually electrodes are made from alloys of various metals (antimony, calcium, etc.). All this is explained by the fact that in pure form lead does not possess reliable physical and chemical properties.


Keep the charge level as high as possible, do not expose the battery (and the car in general) to extreme temperatures, clean and care for the surface and filling of the battery, and watch for the constant alternating voltage coming from the car. Following these simple rules contributes to the longevity of your battery and service.

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