It is noteworthy that the method of silver alloying of gratings has opened up opportunities for increasing the life of starter batteries operating in a constant discharge mode and charging up to 15%. The comparison took into account data on classic conventional lead batteries. Over time, the «silver» technology, which, by the way, is produced by many models of batteries AutoCraft, got a second look. The Silver method used by the German corporation today can provide an increase in the cold scrolling current by one third, if you compare the performance with the parameters of the batteries with plates without the addition of silver.

Battery Series:

«AutoCraft Silver»

Another excellent Autocraft battery is the Silver model. Typically starting at under $100, the Silver is Autocraft’s most affordable battery and, despite its reduced price, offers many of the same features, which predominate the brand’s higher-end batteries.

Brand: AutoCraft


There is a technology called calcium / calcium. That is, the plates are made with the addition of calcium.

Calcium batteries (Ca / Ca) — a battery whose lead plates are doped with calcium. The content of Ca is 0.08-0.09% by weight. Such a species, unlike antimony or hybrid, is rarely used, due to its high cost, although the plates with antimony are inferior to the plates with calcium. The device is identical to any lead car battery.
The process of producing a battery with calcium content is somewhat different from the standard scheme. The grids for the battery are created by stamping, because the high temperature during casting destroys calcium. For the stamping, a lead tape is produced with the addition of Ca, then it is perforated, creating a complex shape, but retaining the outer frame.


Whatever the battery: with silver content, without it, AGM battery, low antimony, hybrid, calcium. It requires the most ideal operating conditions! At the big desire it is possible to put out any battery for a month.



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