The battery terminal clamps connect the battery to your vehicle to provide adequate electricity.  The corrosion build-up can prevent the current from passing in the car.  This can cause major problems for you and your vehicle.  You may experience a vehicle that will not start so it is important to know how to clean the battery terminal clamps for optimal performance.

Step 1
Open your car’s hood and use a wrench to turn the clamp bolt to the left to loosen.  Take the terminal off but use a screwdriver for assistance if tugging on the terminal does not easily remove it.  Press on the battery to help remove the terminal.

Step 2
Remove the terminal brush by unscrewing it counterclockwise and separating the portions from each other. One portion is positioned with a metal brush on it and the other has an opening in its center.  Put the brush with the opening in the terminal and press down, turning the brush around to scrub the terminal.  Use the pointed brush to clean inside the terminal clamp.  The clamps and terminals should look quite shiny once they are clean, along with a number of tiny scratches.

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Step 3
Reform the clamp by holding each clump in your hand while tightening the bolt to the right with the adjustable wrench until it is tight.  This moves the two sections together to secure the clamps’ position.

Step 4
Loosen the bolt on the terminal clamp by turning it to the left before putting it on the correct battery terminal.

Step 5
You now need to put a tiny dab of petroleum jelly on the outer side of the terminals and inside each of the clamps.  You can dip a cotton swab in the jelly in order to perform this step.

Step 6
Place the clamp back on the terminal.  To tighten, turn the bolt to the right with your wrench until it is secure.