A hybrid-powered form of the Audi Q6 e-tron concept – the Audi Q6 h-tron – looks to become at risk of a debut in the 2016 Detroit Motor Show.

The Frankfurt Motor Show in September saw Audi reveal a very finely disguised concept for any new electric Q6 Vehicle, and today it appears as though they’re by taking your one step further with a brand new hydrogen-powered version in the 2016 Detroit Motor Show the following month – the Audi Q6 h-tron Concept – based on Auto Bild.

Audi has shown their intentions with hydrogen using the A7 Sportback h-tron we had this past year, also it makes sense for Audi to visit the hydrogen route using their Tesla-challenging Q6 too.

Whether Audi are intending to make use of a more complex form of the fuel stack within the A7 Concept or otherwise we’re unsure, however that setup saw the hydrogen fuel stack sitting underneath the bonnet – in which a normal ICE engine could be – having a plastic exhaust to eliminate the waste water created, in addition to a plug-in hybrid function that also rebounds energy in the vehicle.

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That endowed h-tron with around 400lb/foot of torque along with a -62mph close to eight seconds. Not brilliant performance, however the instant torque from the electric motors will make it feel much faster than that from the mark.

However it’s a lengthy way from the mark from the figures the Q6 e-tron promises, in which the electric motors provide a spectacular 429bhp and a variety of over 300 miles.

The Q6 e-tron is anticipated to reach like a production model over a couple of years, and when Auto Bild’s tip the Q6 h-tron will probably be revealed at Detroit works out to become right, we’re able to see Audi offering both electric and hydrogen powered versions from the Q6 the moment it hits showrooms.