Many people replace their car battery more often that the warranty says, which is caused usually by bad maintenance. The manufacturers usually give five or six years of life to the new batteries, but many drivers replace them on the third or fourth year – which is frustrating and it is not due to the quality but to the way they use it. Buying best car battery require an investment and learning how to make its life longer is a way to improve that investment and to get bigger return. There are some useful tips, which give us the advantage of extend car battery life and is good to know them.

First of all you must keep everything in the car clean and it will work better and longer. The terminals – positive and negative usually get corroded and block the electricity current to go to the cables. Cleaning the terminals can be done at home – by screw driver, or by specialist – if it serious, after that – the “dead” battery may come to live!

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Dirt drains the power of the battery and shortens its life – clean it regularly in order to ensure and extend car battery life.

In certain point – like very cold or warm climate – if you use the car rarely the battery will have to work less and will have longer life. Of course never forget to start the car regularly to recharge it, otherwise you might need to jump it, still walking helps a lot to prolong car battery life.

There is one thing that helps a lot when comes to prolong car battery life and it is the insulation blanket. It protects the battery from high temperature differences – like keeping it warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Installing it is very good investment, but requires a little bit free space in the car, think about it when buying new battery – it really extend car battery life.

If you know that you won’t use the car for a while better disconnect the cables of the battery – even the clock will use energy and make its life shorter. It is a small thing but helps to extend car battery life, of course before doing it, make sure that is safe – for you and the vehicle.

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The dead battery leaves us no choice but to jump it, there is one way to make the stress for it less – warm it a little. Make sure the car is on neutral and live the battery to the sunlight for an hour, if it is not too hot – never warm it with artificial methods! If the battery is little warmer the entire jump process will be smoother and this will prolong car battery life.

Little bit more care and information can prolong car battery life even beyond the years predicted by the warranty, which will make your investment even better. The things here are really simple and can save you a lot of money and efforts in the future.