The battery on the car is the most important thing, there, without it working we can’t even start it, what about driving it. It has many responsibilities to take care of and in fact is the one which gives live to our vehicles. Of course like the other parts it get broken, but more often it “dies”, yes, this means that – there is no electricity and you will have to charge or replace it. It never waits till you are at home – usually lives you on the road, so it is highly recommended to know which the signs of the dying battery are and if it is time to replace it. Yes there are some car related signals, which help us to determine that we may need new battery – and is good for every driver to know them.

  1. If you hear tickling sound when you start the car, not the usual ones – then something is wrong with the battery and better go for diagnostics.
  2. If you leave the head lights on for a while and the car don’t start it is a sigh that the battery is failing. Any use of extra power makes the car to drag when you want to start it – better check it out.
  3. One of the best sighs is when the car doesn’t start at all – this means dead car battery, you can try to recharge it or just to replace it.
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Of course these things occur before the dead car battery, they warn you. There are some methods to check it so you are sure that this is the case and not something else.

The alternator may be the cause sometimes, not dead car battery, it is good idea to check it. If the ground cable is removed and the car still doesn’t start – it is not the dead car battery – the alternator is not working and it is the one which must to be replaced.

There are some thing you can do to make the life of the car battery longer, or just to be aware of its condition, useful tips, which are very helpful. First check the battery regularly, the liquids must to be checked and the condition of the posts, in fact the battery needs a lot care in order to have long life. Each post must be cleaned, because it may be corroded, the cables must be cleaned and connected properly, because in many cases they are the cause for not starting car.

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If you experience any difficulties when you start the car – find quality technician to check the battery and the cables, he will find the reason for any malfunctioning and fix it.

At the end –always take good look to the battery – any cracks or leaks must be fixed, in fact if any of them occurs – the battery must be replaced immediately, because it could cause a lot of trouble to you and your vehicle. Never forget to start the car in two-three days periods if you don’t use it for long time, that is the way to charge the battery.