If you want to replace your car battery, you first have to figure out its size in order to buy a similar new one. This is known as the group size and it can be easily determined. There are actually four ways to find out the group size. Here is what you can try.

  1.  If you still have the manual for your car, you can look it up there. Look for the term “group size” because the manufacturer has surely included it in the manual. This group size is usually a code consisting of letters and numbers or only numbers.
  2. Go to an auto store and talk to someone there. He will surely be able to determine the size of your car battery if you provide the name of the car model and the year when it was made.
  3.  If you still have the original battery in your car, read its label carefully. If this was installed by your car’s manufacturer, the group size should be somewhere on its top, next to the warranty.
  4. Go to a dealer that sells the same type of car as yours. Professionals who work there usually know what kind of battery each car has and they can determine the size of yours.
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