The motorcycle batteries are not the same as these used in the cars, first of all they are not 12V batteries. They are also requires bigger investment than the car batteries, which is why many riders invest in battery charger – to extent is life.

It is very important to know that the motorcycle battery must be charged very slowly, because it is smaller. The use of common battery charger, not the proper one for that kind of battery, will shorten its life and damage it: it could be very dangerous, too – for the user and the vehicle. Charging motorcycle battery is recommended on every two weeks, when it is unused and when the lights become dim.

There are some instructions to follow in the name of your safety and its long life, while charging motorcycle battery, check them out here:

  1. Using the right wrench, remove the battery from the vehicle, the pliers can be used, too. On some models the battery is hard to reach, and if you experience any difficulties – check the user manual or ask for help. The cables must be checked for problems – for wear for example. You have to use safety gloves and goggles, because the batteries have acids, which can be toxic.
  2.  After removing the battery – charging motorcycle battery continues with removing the chamber caps, which lets you to fill it with water. Always use de-ionized or distilled water, because the tap water contains chemicals, which can damage the battery and put you in danger. During the charging process the caps must be left open- to stop any gas building up in there, the vent tube must be checked, too – for possible blockages.
  3. Charging motorcycle battery process start on cold battery and off charger. The motorcycle battery charger must be plugged in regular electric source, then you should make sure that the cables are pun on the right places – positive to positive and negative to negative. Only after double checking everything you may turn the charger on and start the process. The necessary time for charging motorcycle battery will vary depending how much electricity has there – it may take the entire night or even more.
  4. After you see that the battery is full – you can turn of the charger, and remove it. Then you should put back the caps on the chamber, and to place the battery back to the motorcycle. Always make sure that the caps and the cables are fastened strongly and secure on their places – it is safety rule.
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Charging motorcycle battery is not complex process – you only need to be informed and to put safety on first place, using the right charger will make the life of the battery longer and will prevent any damage –so use it. In fact charging the battery regularly after checking it is one of the ways to have it longer, too; keep it clean and fully charged and it will probably live longer than the time in the warranty.