The Exide Premium EA612 is a high-quality battery designed to provide reliable starting power and long-lasting performance for small to medium-sized cars. This battery features advanced calcium technology, which improves its durability and makes it more resistant to damage caused by deep discharging.

With a CCA of 600 and a capacity of 61 Ah, the Exide Premium EA612 is capable of delivering consistent performance in a variety of weather conditions. It also has a long service life, thanks to its robust design and superior construction.

The EA612 measures 242 mm in length, 175 mm in width, and 175 mm in height, making it a compact and lightweight option for small to medium-sized cars. It weighs just over 11 kg, which makes it easy to handle and install.

One of the standout features of the Exide Premium EA612 is its low-maintenance design. The battery is completely sealed and requires no water or electrolyte top-ups, which makes it incredibly convenient for busy car owners who don’t have the time or expertise to maintain their car batteries.

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Overall, the Exide Premium EA612 is a reliable and durable car battery that offers excellent value for money. Its advanced calcium technology, low-maintenance design, and long service life make it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized cars.

Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity (C20) 61 Ah
CCA (EN) 600 A
Length 242 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terms 175 mm
Guarantee 4 Years