If you are a car owner then you would need to go through the experience of changing its battery at some point. The battery might give away in the most untimely fashion as they usually do. The failed battery can become very expensive to replace too. Along with the cost of replacement, there is a cost of recovery if you were away from home when the battery failed.

However, do you know that with some knowledge, basic tools and chemicals, you can help your battery to work like it was new? If you use your own knowledge, you will know the stage of its condition better which will allow you to avoid unexpected failures in the middle of the road specially when you are rushing towards that important meeting.

These are three simple tips to guide you about your battery and help you turn it back into its past condition. These tips will save you lots of cash too.

The first is that you need to find out whether you battery is in a restoration condition. It is very important to check the battery voltage in a correct way. Here is a technique to test the voltage of your battery. Take a volt meter and attach it to the battery posts in a way that negative is attached to negative and positive to positive.

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If the battery voltage result is 12 volts, it means your battery is in a working condition. If you ignore this step or if you fail to closely check the reading, you might try to restore a battery not in a workable condition that will never perform well. In case your battery voltage is 10 or 8 volts or even less, then you may have a problem with your battery cells.

The second is that you must check all the cells separately by looking into each cell individually. You can check the cells with a long metal rod made of electricity conductor. You can also use a long old coat hanger wire to check the cells. Connect one cell with positive of the meter and the other to the negative. After that, put the positive in the solution tank hole placed nearest to the positive terminal post of battery and put the negative in the next one.

Keep doing the same with each cell until you reach the end. The reading for each cell must be 2 volts. It is a very important step and will determine whether you will be successful or not. It is essential because reading lesser than 2 volts may denote a faulty cell. If you cannot determine this, you might end up trying to restore a battery not workable in the first place.

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Lastly, you must keep in mind that you need to fill each cell with de-ionized water and then test them. If your cell is still faulty or have low voltage than replace the battery. If it is fine, then you can use an electrolyte fluid solution to every cell. The fluids are available online or can be bought at car parts stores. After all these necessary steps, the only step left is to fully recharge the battery by a 12v battery charge. Your battery is ready to work like it is new.

You can pursue these ways to conveniently restore your car battery. Most definitely you will succeed in doing this and you will reap the rewards and benefits of a restored battery with great enthusiasm. If you ignore the batteries, it will lead you into trouble. The choice is all yours. If you do not follow these steps, your car battery will fail you at any unpleasant time.