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How to Change a Car Battery : How to Tell if a Car Battery is Dead
How to Check Your Car Battery and Not Get Ripped Off

Shows how to easily check your car battery, charging and starting systems before you take the car to the garage.

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Lead Acid Car battery to Alkaline rechargeable battery conversion
Reconditioning your car battery (desulfator) Part 1
Extend Your PC's Battery Life With A Car Battery - SYSTM

Better Backup Power: Just in time for hurricane season, we show you how to hack your UPS and replace the

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A Few Common Signs That it is Time to Replace a Car Battery

A number of situations can lead to the need of changing a car battery. In case of negligence, battery may become the cause of unexpected problems specially the car’s sudden failure to start the engine. To stay away from sudden unpleasant battery related incidents, following key points must be kept in mind: Severe weather conditions […]

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4 Common Reasons Why Car Batteries Die

Car batteries frequently go inert to trouble most car drivers. Sometimes when you are heading to meet important clients or have to pick the kids from school or you have to run to catch the flight, the car suddenly fails to budge. Of most other reasons, it is a good chance that car batteries have […]

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How to remove a car battery

Having a flat car battery is one of the most unwanted encounters when you’re down the road.

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Myths about car batteries

Is there anything worst than your car battery dies when you’re desperately rushing your way to work? Almost everyone had experience this frustrating moment at least once. Basically, this happens because of two reasons. One is due to negligence when you left the lights on overnight, and second, when you fail to conduct proper maintenance […]

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Cleaning Your Auto Battery

Grab your cleaning brush and with its stiff bristles, brush away the white/green corrosive parts as much as you can.

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