Two males happen to be jailed after carjacking a parent and her nine year-old boy before you take her vehicle on the high-speed blast around Coventry’s busy city roads.

Shane Mullen and Gez Bennett arrived at speeds as high as 70mph within the stolen Nissan GTR – and also the entire pleasure ride was caught around the car’s built-in camcorder and voice audio recorder.

While driving, among the males stated that ‘this is the greatest vehicle we have had bruv’, before checking with each other in regards to what they’d say when they are stopped through the police.

The recording shows the happy couple only narrowly missing a mind-on crash in a junction, after overpowering cars on busy roads.

The vehicle was retrieved after police received reviews from part of the general public around three suspicious males attempting to park a ‘sporty car’.

Both Mullen and Bennet were arrested, together with Zaheer Hussain who’d met the 2 once they finished their high-speed pleasure ride.

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Mullen was sentenced to 5 many four several weeks imprisonment, with Bennett getting a 4 year and 6 month sentence. Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. Hussain was billed with handling stolen property and it was given a suspended jail sentence, together with community service.