I wasn’t able to save myself from one of the most frustrating scenarios for car owners – car won’t start. I had experienced that several years ago. If I assess myself that time I can say that I was a consummate driver, however, mechanically challenged. But my father gave me a hand then. I immediately called him up to explain my problem and basically, the first question he asked was, “Have you checked the battery?”

Seriously, how did I call myself a consummate driver back then when I haven’t checked my car battery. What’s worst? I had forgotten that the car had a battery! So lame. Well, I was completely aware that my iPod, CD player, cellphone and other gadgets needed battery maintenance and replacement regularly. It was such a shame that I haven’t thought that one of the most important machine I own need occasional battery maintenance and replacement? Well, I guess it’s all because of youth.

I was given a lecture with my dad regarding how to take care of a car battery and also pointed out essential steps for the matter. We did this in order to pin-point why my car wouldn’t start.

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Car Battery Corrosion

Car battery corrosion seems to be the common cause why cars won’t start. In this condition, acid condenses on the battery terminals and cables. This will subsequently interrupt the connection from the battery to the electrical system of the car. But, a very basic chemical application using ordinary household products will get you rid of this car-starting woe.

However, you should keep in mind that you are dealing with battery acid so you should take necessary precautions in conducting examination of your car battery and when cleaning them. Why? You might ask. It’s because my dad says so. But I’m sure you know why.