Having a flat car battery is one of the most unwanted encounters when you’re down the road. Well, be it be cars, boats, tractors, as long as it works thru a battery, you will eventually meet the risk. You’re lucky if someone gives you a jumpstart but that is when you are in the city, otherwise, you can only rely on yourself. Often times, this happens when vehicles are not used frequently.

Why do battery goes flat in the first place?

When the battery is kept idle for quite some time, it gradually loses its charge. As the ambient temperature increases, then the rate of charge loss also increases. You have to frequently use and charge your battery or have it quickly fall where it will no longer function. If losing charge continues, more damage will be inflected to the battery due a chemical reaction called Sulphation, which is most likely to occur. This is so troublesome for people who don’t use their vehicles most of the time.

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The Car and Boat Battery Solution: Solar Charger

One way to counter this problem is to have a solar charger. This will provide your battery the charge it needs even without your presence. Once you have set it up, you will be free from ongoing costs and frustrating moments of having to deal with a flat battery. Most people question about having solar charger overcharge the battery.

Well, this situation will not run to you if you have a charger with less than 10 watts rating, which can be used for any typical car battery. These will prevent the loss of charge while keeping the battery topped without exceeding its capacity.

Nowadays, chargers are a popular choice since it gives the user convenience having to just plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter. It also allows a direct battery terminal connection option.

Unlike its first advent, the solar technology had become widely used now and prices have gone down. With just $50 or less, you can have yourself a “set and forget” charger to ensure your vehicle has a long way to go.

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5 Watt Solar Charger

This is around one square foot unit yet still very powerful.

This 5 watt solar charger can be used to maintain your battery’s condition and prevent its charge from draining when kept idle for a long time or when used to power other items such as electronics or pumps. With only 4 lbs in weight, this will ensure you won’t get caught short.

1.8 Watts Solar Car/Boat Battery Maintainer

This product is particularly made for dashboard which comes with suction cups for easy mounting and solid support. Also with cigarette lighter and battery connection option, these little panels still run even on cloudy days. this is a very great green solution to a very troublesome problem.