The first question to ask when you are presented with a wide variety of car batteries is why they have different prices. Are there factors that affect car battery prices? There are so many factors that will explain the cost difference.


Batteries are available online as branded or generic items just like other items present in a market. What’s the difference between branded and generic items? Generic are regular and do not carry any brand name and may lack additional features found in branded batteries. The prices of branded car batteries are higher than the generic ones and it is the established companies with reputation to protect that make them.

Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA)

Your car’s ignition may be affected by different climate depending on the time of the year. The measured power that a battery has in starting a car during cold weather is called CCA. Batteries with higher CCA are more expensive than those with lower measurements.

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Battery Group Size

Sizes of batteries influence their prices. Larger items are more costly than the smaller ones just like other items present in a given market. Larger materials are costly. Identification is done by group sizes of corresponding dimensions such as height, length and width.


The presence of warranty on any given product is a plus to it because it confirms that the material is made from quality materials that are durable. This would indeed be a good investment on your car because you will have no problems during the long trips. Warranty will assure you that in case your battery fails and you do not have money, you will get back to the road without spending a lot of money that you are not prepared to pay. The longer the warranty, the higher the cost of the battery.


Do not always assume that all prices given are as per the technical specifications as the ones mentioned above. Some stores do sell batteries of the same brands at prices that are affordable than others. It is therefore important to compare prices before buying in order to get cost efficient batteries. You will definitely save some money.

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Above are some of the factors that influence the prices of car batteries to enable you understand better the variation in prices. It is therefore very important that you compare your specification need of batteries and the various retailers before buying an item.