Nowadays, car rental in Tbilisi is a popular service among tourists. Of course everybody prefers not to waste their time on public transport. If you are one of them, you`d also better take a car for a rent to make your trip more comfortable.

A piece of advice to the traveler to Georgia how to take a car for a rent in Tbilisi

Make your search

You want to rent a car at a low cost and have the most suitable for you conditions? Then, you will have to spend some time to search for this very company. For example, you want to order car rental in Tbilisi airport. You need to find the company where this additional service – giving a car for a rent outside of the office – cost less comparing to other companies. If you order a car at the first company you have just seen – you will waste some bigger sum of money.

Order in advance

First of all, when you go to Georgia, book a car in advance. In this way when you arrive at Tbilisi international airport named after Shota Rustaveli, you will be met by the company`s manager with a car you have booked. Or you can get to the car rental company office on your own, but in this way you will have to waste some sum of money for taxi services.

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Watch for your car

Before you sign a car rental contract, you will need to examine the car. Not just look at it and say that everything is OK, but to examine as carefully as you can. Also, it will be great if you take some photos of the car. Then you will have a proof that you are not guilty if there was a scratch and you did not notice it. The car rental company will never prove that you made this damage.

Additional services: do you really need them?

Usually, car rental companies try to offer you additional services. But they do it so persistently that can even write them down into the contract. Read carefully your car rental contract and make sure that there is no unnecessary thing for you.

A piece of advice to the traveler to Georgia how to take a car for a rent in Tbilisi

Count or not to count?

When you take a car for a rent in Tbilisi, try to count the number of kilometers you want to drive on a rented car. If there are too much of them, think about ordering an unlimited mileage service. In this way, you will stop nervously counting how many kilometers you have to drive before you will have to pay for any extra kilometer. This service may be more beneficial for you than paying for extra kilometers. Or no, it depends on your necessity to drive.

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There is a good offer from Race car rental company: if you rent a car for four days or more, you will have unlimited mileage service that is already included into the price of the rented car.

When taking a car for a rent at Race car rental company, you will be able to get a discount of 10% from your order. But only on condition that you pay the whole sum of the order online. It means that you will need to pay only 90% of the order instead of 100%, as you will have a discount.

Do your best. Order a car of your dream on the best conditions.