Ideal for automobiles that sit. Discharge rates are a part of a regular lead acidity battery.

I transformed out my old Diehard with this particular battery which is carrying out great to date. I understand it will get mixed reviews however the more compact size doesn’t sacrifice performance. Avoid using Amazons auto fitting feature. Rather, go straight to Optima’s web site to discover which you’ll need before you purchase. The only real nock I give this is it seems the hooking up devices really are a little more compact then my original battery and so i really needed to tighten my fittings. We will need to find out if this will cause problems later on but for the time being, this really is working great. Furthermore, I just read some reviews proclaiming that Amazon . com wouldn’t cover the warranty around the battery. I known as them before I purchased this and it appears as though this problem is straightened out out simply because they confirmed that they’ll recognition it. So, if you’re looking for an Optima, Amazon . com is where to purchase. Cheapest cost I possibly could find so that as always, their customer support is excellent.

I purchased the red-colored top in This summer, 2009, for any package vehicle I’m building. Got around to setting up in vehicle and discover it won’t hold electric power charge. Approached Optima for his or her help under their 3 year free alternative (also proven on Amazon . com web site) guarantee. Optima states Amazon . com isn’t an approved seller of the items (despite the fact that you will find 1000’s of the batteries for auction on Amazon . com), and they couldn’t do anything whatsoever for me personally. Amazon . com states battery can’t be came back for them or changed.

Update, after discussions with two customer support reps. along with a supervisor, Amazon . com has decided to recognition the warranty from Optima. They’ll pay me the price of battery and that i may then order a different one. Unsure why they couldn’t just send us a alternative. But, I get a different one, which is I needed.

This is actually the best battery available on the market for me. I have tried personally these within my automobiles for a long time plus they not have allow me to lower. If you want the very best for the vehicle and do not mind investing a bit more you will not be disappointed and they’ll really help you save money over time simply because they have a tendency to traverses regular lead acidity batteries. I discovered that amazon . com has got the best cost so drop the idea of looking around Used to do the study for you personally. I’ve got a dodge diesel that needs two batteries also it begins strong each time.

The final cold snap explained which i needed new batteries. I’m not certainly one of individuals men that ignore it until it won’t start. With that said, I had been amazed how quickly the Optimas spun the Cummins over. So far as durability goes, we’ll see. I registered them on Optima’s site. They sure look great within the truck. They include a variety of plugs and hold downs. Which was excellent for me personally when i didn’t have a hold lower and needed to drill another bolt out.

The Optima Battery is the greatest battery to purchase if you wish to make certain there’s no corrosion or leakage.

I’m amazed at the packaging and warranty problems that others have experienced, really surprised. I purchased mine (8002-002-FFP) on 05/11/2012. It had been shipped on 05/18/2012, perfectly packed, nothing damaged, however the packaging was a wide open box style — meaning, it did permit hardware puncture if something hard/sharp might have knocked in to the battery. But mine came all right. Regrettably, battery concked on me once i left the vehicle sitting for any week. I am not definite on which the reason was however i known as Amazon . com on 04/15/2013 and also the customer support was excellent. The truly nice lady on the telephone described in my experience that because the product was still being inside the 1YR warranty, a alternative could be shipped. Due to the hazardous policy, I possibly could not return the hardware to Amazon . com. On 04/17/2013 the alternative battery showed up, fully boxed and incredibly safely packed — much better than the packaging on my small original purchase. Maybe Amazon . com has up-to-date their policy in regards to this product, I’m not sure. But my experience was that easy and quite enjoyable and that i question why some had this type of difficult time. Some-Star rating, incidentally is perfect for Amazon . com customer support and never always for that product, though I have faith that the merchandise continues to be first class.

After reading through the numerous positive recommendations and reviews relating to this battery, I made the decision I needed to try one when my old, cheap NAPA one began dying. I purchased this 8002-002 in my 96 XJ Jeep and received it quickly from Amazon . com. The FFP packaging was solid — battery was situated inside multiple layers of folded corrugated card board in the solid card board box, and also the battery was at pristine condition upon opening. It examined at 12.45V as they are. I installed it within my Jeep with no changes towards the battery mounts within fifteen minutes. My wiring only agreed to be lengthy enough to achieve the devices. The Jeep began up after driving around for a little, it examined at 12.7V at relaxation, engine off. The following morning it began the Jeep much better compared to old battery in 28deg Farenheit conditions. It appears such as the ignition and engine work softer with this particular battery compared to old dying one too. I could not be more happy and hope it lasts as lengthy as everybody states it’ll. I anticipate seeing the way it works once the temps go lower to negative 20F this winter season when i had some difficulties with cold begins this past year at -20 and -30F. I did previously get DieHards, however they appear to possess transformed something because the 4g iphone I’d wasn’t things i was utilized to. This Optima appears a lot more like things i would expect from the performance battery. The cost was better here than anywhere in your area or elsewhere I possibly could find online by a minimum of 25 dollars. To date I am very satisfied. Thanks NASA engineers!

Update: Finish of December now. Have began my XJ numerous occasions now in -20F weather and every time that it cranked enjoy it was 60F out! Three several weeks with no problems to date…