Odyssey PC680 Review

I have 3 Odyssey PC680 batteries. Just a few days back, I took a performance test on the 7 year old battery that I bought first. The result was amazing. On a complete battery charge, it gave service 93% that of the new. The charge dropped to 10 volts after 3.5 hours and the average result was 3.9 amps and 11.8 volts. We can check the Document US-ODY-AM-001 – April 2006 for comparison of battery quality. A new battery will provide almost 4.2 amps in 3.5 hours which makes this battery very workable even after years of use.

I purchased this battery almost 8 years ago. I was looking for a battery which could release some weight off my 50 lbs 2002 BMW M3’s OEM. When the OEM battery gave away, I didn’t install PC680. I had paid $145 when I bought this battery but it is worth the price. This battery keeps the charge in my M3 for a couple of weeks and even more. I have checked it with an alarm. I also checked it by leaving it in the car for almost a month so the battery was completely exhausted. I charged it for a night and it started working at top notch speed. It is also working wonders even today so I am extremely happy with my choice.

The Odyssey PC680 seems to be an ideal fit for the battery case having the same height as that of stock BMW K1200LT battery. I am writing the review to make it clear that this battery is armed with L-brackets used to set up the battery for cable connections on KLT. I purchased the brass posts because I though they will nail into the battery and the Allen bolts that come along the brass posts will grip the cable ends but it was totally unnecessary. The Allen bolts connect posts to the battery. The posts are made to use along the standard automotive clutch-type battery cable ends. I love this battery because it comes with L-brackets required to use it with K1200 LT. I hope I have made it clear enough.

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