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Super Start Batteries

Super Start Batteries reviews Super Start Batteries, powered by a van in the western suburbs of Sydney, were launched in Australia in the early 1990s. Dubbed Silent Achievements, Super Start Batteries has steadily grown to be one of the most influential car battery distributors in western Sydney. In the first few years, Super Start Batteries […]

Super Start Power Sports

Super Start Power Sports batteries are uniquely engineered to survive turbulence and the stringent demands of Power Sports applications. Power Sports batteries are available in a wide variety of group sizes and power ranges to suit any requirement. Ready for installing Good for a long, deep discharge Spill-proof and leakproof Built for absorbing ground-pounding vibration […]

Super Start Fleet & Heavy-Duty

Super Start Fleet and Heavy-Duty commercial-grade batteries are engineered for excellent performance and improved cycling in demanding conditions. Fleet & Heavy-duty batteries have longer lifetime, resistance to corrosion and up to 70 percent increased electrical flow. Service-free ventilation increases battery life and avoids corrosion Vibration strength is improved by lead alloy straps and anchor bonding […]

Super Start Lawn & Garden

Garden batteries and lawn Super Start have been engineered to provide secure and efficient starting power every season. Big output of batteries in a small size Vibration-resistant structure withstands tough environments Built hard to stop electric shorts

Super Start Premium

Super Start Premium batteries are designed to satisfy the electrical requirements of modern vehicles, delivering efficient launch power period and time again under the most challenging temperature conditions. Reinforced struts, welds and straps withstand vibration degradation and improve overall resilience Perfect power path provides quicker start-up from a super effective current path system

Super Start Extreme

Super Start Extreme Battery Review Super Start Extreme batteries provide enhanced life and better performance in harsh environments. In order to provide optimum starting power and years of trouble-free operation, extreme batteries provide maximum cold cranking power, a large reserve capacity and a heavier grid and plate model. Extra strength for harsh conditions of climate […]

Super Start Platinum

Super Start Platinum battery review Super Start Platinum AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are improved to the point where they provide much more power for launch, performance requirements and electronics. Excellent shock and vibration resistance. Dual-purpose design provides deep cycle maintenance and better launch Doubling the cycle life to extend the lifespan of more electronic devices Consumes shock […]

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