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DieHard Gold Battery

DieHard Gold batteries are designed to have the optimumstarting power in any environment. Therefore, you should not worry about getting your car started, even on cold or hot days. DieHard Gold automotive batteries meet or surpass the strength of the manufacturer (CCA) and reserve energy requirement for your car, meaning that you always get the power you need for a fast start. Diehard […]

DieHard Silver

Warranty Details (2 YR FREE REPLACEMENT) DieHard Silver batteries are engineered for reliable starting power in all seasons and climates. DieHard Silver automotive batteries are designed to meet the manufacturer’s power (CCA) and keep back capacity requirements for your vehicle, providing you’ll get the power you need for a quick start every time. If you […]

DieHard Platinum AGM

DieHard Platinum AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are particularly designed for today’s resource-intensive vehicles. DieHard Platinum AGM batteries are engineered to provide up to 2x the life vs. a standard flooded battery. This battery is perfect for vehicles with start-stop technology or high demand electrical accessories (back up cameras, navigation, heated seats, plug-in accessories) which […]

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