Goodyear Blimp is now a classic advertising symbol embedded in the brain of anyone who has seen a photo or post of it. Goodyear, with over a century of experience, is a long-term manufacturer of motor car tires and a strong leader.

Their durable and multi-functional design makes them one of the top four tire manufacturers. The following analysis concerns the review of Goodyear Tire on our website, in particular on the specific offers made by Goodyear.

Goodyear auto tires review

Is Goodyear worth to buy?

Wide choose

Whether you’re driving a sedan, minivan, truck, or maybe an SUV, Goodyear always has a variety of options to choose from that are perfect for your vehicle. Goodyear tires are always there for you, no matter where you drive, be it the highway or empty country roads.

The firm produces a variety of tires to offer options for any sort of driver; regular, buoyant and hobbyist, and each has a particular intention in mind when buying a tire. Goodyear styles are accessible in the luxury segment as well as ultra-high quality tires, which are accordingly priced.

With a variety of options, the company focuses on meeting the diverse needs of its customers. Our Goodyear Tire reviews cover the wide range of Goodyear tires available.


Technological Innovation

The vast majority of competitors in the tire industry are worrisome; the growing demand for creativity and the integration of innovation in tire design must remain at the top.

The twenty first century client has enough knowledge to expect newer versions to have more features than their old ones. Goodyear is actively innovating in product design and performance, striving to produce the very best tires available.

The use of high quality technologies such as Run on Flat Technology and DuPont Kevlar serves to increase the reliability and endurance of the tire, adding miles and the ability to roll even after a puncture.


Top Quality

Goodyear strives to continuously improve its customer experience, even after adding a few innovations to its tires. For the tire giant, in-depth research is a vital aspect of their business.

The manufacturer of the Goodyear tire company always strives to create the best tires that require rigorous tests before being unveiled to the market, as the company, when testing its latest developments, sets itself high benchmarks.

Goodyear engineers conduct up to fifty different tests on each new tire concept to assess its performance under real-world conditions. These ratings will provide test conditions for braking, endurance, noise, grip and balance.

Goodyear will then authorize external testing of these tires by third parties, including major newspapers and organizations with experience in tire testing, and will be able to confirm internal results.

Goodyear auto tires review

Features of design

Low noise level

Goodyear provides a comfortable ride without vibration and repeated tire noise on uneven surfaces.

The company has been able to reduce the noise level of its tires by integrating muffler grooves into the tire structure, which minimizes noise distortion.

In addition, the company has developed sound comfort technology that integrates a sound barrier inside the tire to reduce noise levels by up to fifty percent. In our Goodyear Tire reports, we see low noise levels as an important factor.



The decision to buy a tire takes into account the impact that the tire will have on the vehicle’s handling. The buyer is interested in whether the tires will be able to operate in all weather conditions while providing the necessary braking and traction.

Goodyear launches innovations like EfficientGrip; Formulated using special polymers for maximum grip on dry and wet surfaces thanks to its improved microstructure. As a result of using this technology, you can expect an outstanding wet handling without sacrificing cornering and braking ability.


Durability of tires

As these tires made by Goodyear overcome challenging conditions, Goodyear tires used in trucks and SUVs become vulnerable to premature wear, tears and bursts.

Goodyear integrates simple features such as debris ejectors and produces tires for its Silent Armor and DuPont Kevlar technologies, trying to cope with difficult terrain and offering durable tires. Kevlar – the material from which the body armor is made; its use in tires increases their stability; helps tires avoid bruising and jagged stone wounds.

Goodyear auto tires review

Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to change

The tire manufacturer’s incorporated sustainability practices are never being mentioned in the Goodyear tire reviews. A quick overview is nevertheless appropriate here. Goodyear has found that using soybean oil in tires may improve tread life by 10 percent through testing at its Innovation Centre.

This gives the additional benefit of minimizing the use of petroleum-based oils; reducing the reliance by around seven million gallons. In addition, the use of soya bean oil has been found to be easy to mesh with rubber, which increases plant performance and decreases gas emissions.


Safe driving experience

Goodyear acknowledges that safe driving, and adopting road safety rules, continues to save lives by reducing vehicle crashes.

The company has collaborated with a variety of organizations, such as the EDA (European Driving Association), as an attempt to be an agent of modification, in order to educate young people of proper driving practices.


Recognition of industry

Innovation and Productivity Award

In 2018, in Germany, The Environmental Achievement of the Year award was given to Goodyear.

Effective research by the organization into the design of soya bean oil that could be integrated into the tire compound – instead of the standard petroleum-based oil – was considered worthy of recognition.

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