The Goodyear Assurance Touring tire is designed to provide reliable all-season traction and handling for drivers of all types of sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers. Featuring a smoother, quieter ride with a longer tread, Assurance Touring is available exclusively through the discount tire.

The improved all-season tread compound provides a strong grip on dry tarmac, while the center rib adds more center feel and quicker steering response. You can also expect good overall braking and acceleration performance on both dry and wet streets.

Four annular grooves, combined with wider side grooves and rounded inner ribs, channel water onto the wet road surface and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Goodyear uses zig-zag grooves around the tread, in addition to lateral grooves, to provide the tire with improved grip on snow, slush, and ice-covered roads, on which it performs extremely well.

A solid bead and tapered tread structure are used for added comfort. For a cheaper touring all-season tire, the ride is smoother and more comfortable than you might expect.

Inside the tread, there are two steel belts with a cord body made of polyester, which add strength and durability for longer tread life. It’s rated 580 UTQG and Goodyear offers sizes from 15″ to 17″. It also comes with a 70,000-mile tread warranty.

Goodyear Assurance Touring tire grade one of the most assistive


• Dry and wet traction;

• A smooth ride that’s comfortable on the highway;

• Treadlife;

• Good value for money.


• Minor noise from tire wear

General thoughts

Don’t confuse the Assurance ComforTred Touring with the Assurance Touring, which has its own unique tread design and is only available through the discount tire. We love this tire for its all-around performance and solid value. The traction and handling in all types of weather and road conditions are equal to what you’ll find on many comparable tires that cost much more.

The ride is smooth and comfortable, although you may find some additional road noise as the tires age. Treadlife was above average amongst others in its class.

Overall, the Assurance Touring is a very good all-season tire that is ideal for those looking for a reliable everyday driving tire at a lower price point.

Price range

Goodyear Assurance Touring prices range from $89 and up. You can also find random discounts, rebates, coupons, and special offers for this tire.


Goodyear offers a 6-year warranty or 70,000 miles for a guaranteed tour. There is also a one year or first 2/32 inch warranty for even tire wear.