EverStart Maxx-65S is a car battery manufactured by Walmart under the EverStart brand. According to Consumer Reports, this battery model performs well in their tests, receiving an overall rating of “Very Good.” The Maxx-65S is rated highly for its life cycle endurance, reserve capacity, and cold cranking amperage (CCA) performance.

In terms of life cycle endurance, the Maxx-65S is reported to maintain a high voltage output even after repeated charge-and-discharge cycles at high temperatures in the engine compartment. Its reserve capacity also performs well, indicating that it can power a car for a significant period in case the charging system fails. Additionally, the Maxx-65S’s CCA performance is good, meaning it can produce the necessary voltage output to start the car’s engine even in very cold temperatures.

Overall, the EverStart Maxx-65S seems to be a reliable and durable car battery that performs well in various conditions. However, it’s worth noting that individual experiences may vary, and other factors such as maintenance and installation may affect its performance.


Has removable caps
Claimed CCA