Navigating Fog Safely: Top Tips for Drivers

  1. Minimize Distractions: Reduce distractions inside your vehicle by turning down the music and stowing away your cell phone. In foggy conditions, your full attention should be on the road.
  2. Slow Down: Decreasing your speed is crucial for maintaining visibility and avoiding accidents. Slower speeds allow for quicker reactions to potential dangers in low-visibility situations.
  3. Keep Moving: In heavy fog, resist the urge to stop or pull over on the road. Keep moving at a cautious speed, as stationary vehicles may not be visible to other drivers. If you must stop, find a safe location off the road, use hazard lights, and stay in your vehicle until you feel it’s safe to continue.
  4. Use Low Beam Headlights: Low beam headlights have a downward angle and lower intensity, reducing glare in foggy conditions compared to high beams.
  5. Utilize Fog Lights: If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, use them in dense fog, mist, or snow. Front fog lights illuminate the road, while rear fog lights enhance your vehicle’s visibility to drivers behind you.
  6. Avoid High Beams: High beam headlights can create more glare in fog, reducing visibility. Stick to low beams or fog lights to improve your vision.
  7. Keep Headlights On: Always have your headlights on when driving in thick fog, regardless of the time of day. This enhances your own visibility and helps other drivers see your vehicle.
  8. Roll Down Windows: Opening your car windows improves your ability to hear external sounds, such as approaching vehicles or emergency sirens, compensating for reduced visibility.
  9. Use the Right Edge of the Road: Staying close to the right edge of the road minimizes the risk of collisions with oncoming traffic and helps you stay within your lane.
  10. Utilize Roadside Reflectors: Roadside reflectors, whether on the roadway or signs, serve as valuable markers in thick fog, aiding in lane identification and guiding you along the road.
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Driving in heavy fog is unpredictable and hazardous. Always stay informed, adapt to changing conditions, and prioritize safety when faced with low-visibility situations.