The car battery is the first to blame when you cannot start the engine. It is very important to check the battery’s condition regularly in order to be sure there is nothing wrong. The cables are usually caused problems and it is necessary to replace them in order to have a quality connection to your car battery. Replacing cables is not a difficult operation if you follow a few simple instructions.

When changing the battery cables you must pay attention to your car model, year, as well as make in order to buy the right positive and negative battery cables for your car. These are easy to find at your local store selling auto repair parts.

First, remove both cable connectors from with a wrench and pliers your battery. Follow both cables to the other end. You will find them attached with bolts and you need to prepare the right wrench to unscrew them. The red/positive one is attached to the frame of your car and the black/negative one is attached to the car’s starter. After unscrewing them, hold onto the bolts and remove the cables, starting with the negative one.

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It is now time to bring the new cables in. Get the new battery cables, starting with the positive one, and screw the bolts through the flat eyelet ends of the new cables where the old cables used to be attached. Attach each new cable to its post respectively and tighten with pliers and a wrench. With these new cables, your battery is bound to last longer and work better. Your battery connection is now safe and you can have the satisfaction of improving its quality on your own without the help of a specialized mechanic.